Friday, January 29, 2010

Chapter 73

*28th January 2010*

I went to nilai to meet my BFF Izzul Shafiq. Then something came out that night so we went to meet the others. Macam-macam la jadi last night!!! Ada yang bergaduh tp[ that normal for everyone to be mad sometimes. Then ada yang demam la. But they are really good friends. they really appreciate the friendship they had together.

Can you imagine, Zu and Azi can't get back to their hostel because their curfew starts on 10.30pm. The guys sacrifice themselves just to accompany the girls sleeping in the car. Cute kan!!! Dengan Ben yang demam panas.. Those guys are so gentleman and I felt quite safe with them. The girls are nice too. They didn't discriminate or making faces or whatever.
So, overall they are good people!!!

We slept in the car for the whole night. In K's car was ustaz, Azi, Zu and K while in my car was me, Izzul, Ben and Awis. I'm totally broke that night so Izzul pay for my supper while Ben was sleeping in the car. After that, we continued sleeping. Comel gak la!!!hahahahaa...

Right after that, I rushed back home and reached home at 8.00am. I directly dive on my bed and sleep till 11.00am. I wish I could sleep till 6 or 7 pm but my little sister woke me up asking to drove her for ice cream. Then I watch Tv all day long. I wanted to go out but KL having bad traffic due to Thaipusam celebration. Most of the main road is closed for the celebration. So at the end, I'm stuck at home doing nothing!!