Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chapter 63

Tonight is a great night.

mya + fatin + faris + zou + zulhilmi + syafiq + zulhusni + aziee + amal + rayzal + lisa + baba = Siti Hasmah Library, MMU

All of us are studying in the library dengan khusyuk nyer. Konon nyer la!! Thanks to Faris and Fatin for teaching me calculus. Then suddenly, there is this one foreigner student came to my table and ask me to teach him calculus. Biggest mistake!!! Mu
ka I ade mcm calculus experts ke????? Then dengan muka xmalu nyer I pass over the question to Sham and Faris whose sitting next table to me. Then it's their responsibility to settle the question. This semester, I feel like just fail the calculus subject on purpose because I hate this subject so damn fucking double triple much.

About 2am I felt really hungry. So I and Fatin decided to borrow Aziee's car to Cyberia. Then Aziee told us that her car's tyre was flat.

The gentleman Faris and Zul quickly came to us and help us to change to the spare tyre. The Charlies Angle " mya + fatin + zou " give them a hand. Tapi I salute to Zou because she's totally kuat, kalah zul and Faris..

Zou the " Wonder Girl "

Zul macam nk curi tayar je!

After changing the tyre, we went to Cyberia and buy all the food. We picnic all together outside the library. Sweeet!!!! Picnic under the moon light and bawah pokok2. I love my friends so much. Miss Nina is totally true, Engineers guy are more gentleman than IT guys. IT guys just want to play around. Xpela, enjoy your life. Nanti terbalik sendiri!!

Tonight was a great night. We all are the burung hantu at MMU. Our time has change, we sleep when the sun is out and sleep when moon appear. Last night, I went back to my room almost 7am. And tonight undecided yet. Hopefully, earlier.
Nak tido!!!