Monday, October 25, 2010

Jason Mraz - You and I both

You an I both LOVE!!

No one or no other things can break us apart

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chapter 135

My another handphone broke after 16hours being used. hahahahaha. Good laugh, I broke it myself after frustrated with myself and blaming myself for everything happen. So I just throw everything down and went out from the room at 2am. I went out alone without direction. Just walk around cyberjaya, having the night refreshing air. Then I was followed by black satria with 2 black guys. Thank god nothing bad happen, now I'm online here without direction too. I just need air to think wisely and be alone. I know going out from campus all alone walking on the street are dangerous and risky at this hour but I just need air to think rather than crying on bed blaming myself about everything and get upset. I love him thats all i know and i will defend. Sometimes when we love, we do stupid things because love is stupid and love makes us act stupid.
Good Job!!!
Now I'm wondering how to call my Afiq and mama but ehmmmmmmm. Afiq don't want to talk with me and my mom don't really talk with me unless I look for her first. We used to be bff, but now not anymore because she's disappointed when I decided to change my course. But she'll always be right behind me. Thanks mama!!! I won't let you down anymore because I love you with all my heart. I love my Afiq with all my heart too. So no point of me buying the new simcard if I still can't use my handphone.


When I cry these are my favourite songs. Now my heart hurts and cry too!!

People can see the tears coming out from eyes but the most sincere cry is the tears in your heart

Crying by Aerosmith

Chapter 134

When I can't described my feeling, I just write according my heart saying. People always get me wrong with what I really meant so I just need to spill it out on my own.

Passion in love means nothing
until you lead me the way
7months passes fast
makes me know you

Gentle kiss and hug
used to be nothing
but seeing your eyes on me
the only look I adore

When you're not with me
I feel nothing
because no other lite cares
that I ever feel like yours

Love struck mine
here's only one kind
clueless and happy
Not to fake and sappy

It only takes three simple words:
I miss you,
I love you,
I want you,
I need you,
I don't need other as good as you

Love now is just real
after being shown the true meaning
happiness comes everyday
not only in my dreams
whenever you're in my mind
as long you're mine
I will never stop loving you

-Myra Mokhtar-

*Dedicated to my beloved Muhammad Afiq.

Chapter 133


Thanks sayang for letting me go to Paramore concert.

thanks a thousand thanks to my dearest beloved boyfriend Afiq for letting me go to the concert. I love you so much. Best gila. Nothing else I can say, I'm just too happy with the concert but I'm too extremely happy because my boyfriend love me so much.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chapter 132

I'm still missing my one and only Muhammad Afiq Hairollah

People said that ton of fish in the seas and I'm blinded with the one and only. Nothing best explain for it as feeling is too strong on him. I'm in love with the guy that I met in Selayang and for the guy who he is. Now, he's in MIAT and I'm losing the guy I met in Selayang before while it is still him I see. Is the surrounding changes people? Or the feeling is not that strong as before? Or the passion is not there anymore? I'm confuse, I tried not to make assumption but everytime I just have all the question marks. I'm just seeing him in front of me but I'm not seeing him as the guy who's in love with me like before. Is this just my illusion or I'm just thinking too much about it. Just one thing that I know, I love him no matter what and I keep loving him day by day.
If before I only missed all the enjoyment we did together but now, I missed everything about him.

* I missed when he smile everytime seeing me
* I missed when he keep calling me just to make sure i'm fine by hearing my voices
* I missed when he said that no one he ever wanted than me
* I missed when he said he missed me although we just met a second ago
* I missed when he can't let me go when we were out after days or hours or seconds
* I missed when he talk softly towards me
* I missed when he cares about me especially when I'm in troble
* I missed when he always makes me as his priority
* I missed the moment we spend with laughter
* I missed everynight that we have a long talk on phone
* I missed when I can tell him everything and be the best listener to me
* I missed when he always support me in anything I did
* I missed when he wants me to be 24/7 with him
* I missed when he can reject his friends just for me

I just miss everything about him because he's always in me

Friday, October 8, 2010

Chapter 131

I'm sorry for not being a good girlfriend for you but I really try to be one. I miss my one and only Muhammad Afiq Hairollah so much.
I miss his care n love. I miss when he put me his priority on his list.
I miss him giving me win in arguements just because he wants me to smile.
I miss his tender whenever he talks to me.
I miss when he try to be a matured guy although he's still young just to fit me.
I miss when he's willing to do anything just for me.
I miss when he says that I'm the best he ever got.
I miss his jokes just to cheer my day.
I miss his motivation on me to look forward.
I miss when he said that I look preety.
I miss when he always take me to places I wanted to be.
I miss with all of his compliments towards me.
I miss when he's not willing to hung up the phone just stay close with me.
I just miss everything about him so much.
What should I do know??
Am I just supposed to let things be this way or turn it back to the beautiful time.
Am I supposed to stop thinking to much and go on while saying nothing gonna rock our boat
Am I supposed to think that he loves me so much and he won't hurts me.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chapter 130

Currently I'm teaching Anisah to update her mom's blog.

with love

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chapter 129

Still can't make my mind on which phone to buy.
A big question mark on my mind regarding this matter. Now there are big possibilities that I'm going to buy the new Iphone4. From all the feedbacks that I got I think this phone is more worth buying than the blackberry 9300.
Hopefully, by this weeken I could manage to buy this phone.