Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chapter 140

Things will never be the same like before. But I'll promise you that I'll never give up trying to make things better. I'm sorry, nothing I could change in the past especially the time I don't even know who you are. I won't let everything goes into the drain because I'm not the one that you used to see or to have. I'm still the same girl that you sees before.

Chapter 139

STUDYING like crazy

Currently I'm at foyer with all my friends cracking our head for our future.
Why is it so hard to be easy in the next 10years???

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chapter 138

I love my current page so much but now I have another page just to say how much I love him so much. It is me and his love page!!! I'm just in love with him.

ich bin verliebt

Friday, December 3, 2010


Lyrics | Cascada Lyrics | Everytime We Touch Lyrics" width="150" height="40" autostart="false" loop="true" />

Friday, November 26, 2010

Chapter 137

I love him like crazy!!

I've never been in a long relationship since the last 3years. I admit that this kind of relationship makes me happier and safer. But, I'm wondering why when I feel safer I cry lots more than before. Even when I'm happy, I'll cry not only when I'm sad. My tears are like waterfalls, unstoppable! Even how hard I try, I still can't stop it from falling. I don't know why I'm too sensitive lately. Is it because of all those problems I had? or because of my health condition thats getting worse. Although I know when I cry I'm giving more work onto my brain which make me weaker but I still can't do a thing with it. I used to be a tough girl or best said heartless girl but not now. My tears are too cheap but it means everything. When I cry, I do really cry. I'm not a drama queen who tries to take everyone attention by crying. It just happened and I cant explain a thing. Just when I cry I need him to be by my side. Only him can cool me down. But I'm expecting too much from him until being problematic. When I'm sick I just want him to be by my side. But I still want him to know that I'm fine. I just want him to know that how happy I'm when I'm with him. His love just give me the strength for every second of my life.

I love you!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Yuna - Decorate

Decorate....Still yours!!

So you decided to see me out of the blue
Should I let you come over?
I think you're doing fine
That girl in your arms, does she know where you come from?

Almost made me move out of town
You don't want me to be around
But I stayed anyway.. just in case

Finding reasons to hate you more than before
Like how you said you would call
But never at all.. got rid off your number that I know by heart

You left your things at my place
As if I have all the space cause you know I don't mind
Just come back when you think it's time

I'm all black and white inside
Monotonous from left to right
I decorate my house with things you love
Just in case you show up.. in case you show up

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Maher Zain - For The Rest Of My Life with Lyrics

I hope I'll get the right guy to lead me because I really dream of a guy who can take me together with him to heaven forever!

Chapter 136

My heart is screaming but I won't let anyone hear it anymore even you!!

* Starting from this point, I'm having my own e-diary for my own view because i won't let anyone see me cry

Monday, October 25, 2010

Jason Mraz - You and I both

You an I both LOVE!!

No one or no other things can break us apart

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chapter 135

My another handphone broke after 16hours being used. hahahahaha. Good laugh, I broke it myself after frustrated with myself and blaming myself for everything happen. So I just throw everything down and went out from the room at 2am. I went out alone without direction. Just walk around cyberjaya, having the night refreshing air. Then I was followed by black satria with 2 black guys. Thank god nothing bad happen, now I'm online here without direction too. I just need air to think wisely and be alone. I know going out from campus all alone walking on the street are dangerous and risky at this hour but I just need air to think rather than crying on bed blaming myself about everything and get upset. I love him thats all i know and i will defend. Sometimes when we love, we do stupid things because love is stupid and love makes us act stupid.
Good Job!!!
Now I'm wondering how to call my Afiq and mama but ehmmmmmmm. Afiq don't want to talk with me and my mom don't really talk with me unless I look for her first. We used to be bff, but now not anymore because she's disappointed when I decided to change my course. But she'll always be right behind me. Thanks mama!!! I won't let you down anymore because I love you with all my heart. I love my Afiq with all my heart too. So no point of me buying the new simcard if I still can't use my handphone.


When I cry these are my favourite songs. Now my heart hurts and cry too!!

People can see the tears coming out from eyes but the most sincere cry is the tears in your heart

Crying by Aerosmith

Chapter 134

When I can't described my feeling, I just write according my heart saying. People always get me wrong with what I really meant so I just need to spill it out on my own.

Passion in love means nothing
until you lead me the way
7months passes fast
makes me know you

Gentle kiss and hug
used to be nothing
but seeing your eyes on me
the only look I adore

When you're not with me
I feel nothing
because no other lite cares
that I ever feel like yours

Love struck mine
here's only one kind
clueless and happy
Not to fake and sappy

It only takes three simple words:
I miss you,
I love you,
I want you,
I need you,
I don't need other as good as you

Love now is just real
after being shown the true meaning
happiness comes everyday
not only in my dreams
whenever you're in my mind
as long you're mine
I will never stop loving you

-Myra Mokhtar-

*Dedicated to my beloved Muhammad Afiq.

Chapter 133


Thanks sayang for letting me go to Paramore concert.

thanks a thousand thanks to my dearest beloved boyfriend Afiq for letting me go to the concert. I love you so much. Best gila. Nothing else I can say, I'm just too happy with the concert but I'm too extremely happy because my boyfriend love me so much.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chapter 132

I'm still missing my one and only Muhammad Afiq Hairollah

People said that ton of fish in the seas and I'm blinded with the one and only. Nothing best explain for it as feeling is too strong on him. I'm in love with the guy that I met in Selayang and for the guy who he is. Now, he's in MIAT and I'm losing the guy I met in Selayang before while it is still him I see. Is the surrounding changes people? Or the feeling is not that strong as before? Or the passion is not there anymore? I'm confuse, I tried not to make assumption but everytime I just have all the question marks. I'm just seeing him in front of me but I'm not seeing him as the guy who's in love with me like before. Is this just my illusion or I'm just thinking too much about it. Just one thing that I know, I love him no matter what and I keep loving him day by day.
If before I only missed all the enjoyment we did together but now, I missed everything about him.

* I missed when he smile everytime seeing me
* I missed when he keep calling me just to make sure i'm fine by hearing my voices
* I missed when he said that no one he ever wanted than me
* I missed when he said he missed me although we just met a second ago
* I missed when he can't let me go when we were out after days or hours or seconds
* I missed when he talk softly towards me
* I missed when he cares about me especially when I'm in troble
* I missed when he always makes me as his priority
* I missed the moment we spend with laughter
* I missed everynight that we have a long talk on phone
* I missed when I can tell him everything and be the best listener to me
* I missed when he always support me in anything I did
* I missed when he wants me to be 24/7 with him
* I missed when he can reject his friends just for me

I just miss everything about him because he's always in me

Friday, October 8, 2010

Chapter 131

I'm sorry for not being a good girlfriend for you but I really try to be one. I miss my one and only Muhammad Afiq Hairollah so much.
I miss his care n love. I miss when he put me his priority on his list.
I miss him giving me win in arguements just because he wants me to smile.
I miss his tender whenever he talks to me.
I miss when he try to be a matured guy although he's still young just to fit me.
I miss when he's willing to do anything just for me.
I miss when he says that I'm the best he ever got.
I miss his jokes just to cheer my day.
I miss his motivation on me to look forward.
I miss when he said that I look preety.
I miss when he always take me to places I wanted to be.
I miss with all of his compliments towards me.
I miss when he's not willing to hung up the phone just stay close with me.
I just miss everything about him so much.
What should I do know??
Am I just supposed to let things be this way or turn it back to the beautiful time.
Am I supposed to stop thinking to much and go on while saying nothing gonna rock our boat
Am I supposed to think that he loves me so much and he won't hurts me.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chapter 130

Currently I'm teaching Anisah to update her mom's blog.

with love

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chapter 129

Still can't make my mind on which phone to buy.
A big question mark on my mind regarding this matter. Now there are big possibilities that I'm going to buy the new Iphone4. From all the feedbacks that I got I think this phone is more worth buying than the blackberry 9300.
Hopefully, by this weeken I could manage to buy this phone.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chapter 128

No matter what people say about us. I love him so much


Chapter 127

After a very tiring week last week and weekends, this week I had a new project.
Still my cooking lesson!!
Last week I've been challenge by my mom tp prepare all the food for our Open House 2010 from drinks, food to dessert. It's quite a tough things to do because my mom doesn't want me to cook any western food but basicly Hari Raya diahes like rendang, kuah kacang and many more. The only exception are for lemang, satay and kuah lodeh because I don't hve time to cook kuah lodeh. It's so enjoying because I can improve my cooking skills to Malay food. And I manage to do it with 5 stars!! hikhik
This week project is to bake pizza and today I've done it.
Good job Myra!!!
Tomorrow starts a new job that is baking cream puff, the duration to do it by tomorrow or the day after.
Wish me luck!!
Then I'll update what happen to my cream puff.... :)
* Then another one is to learn another recipe or technique on how to make carbonara. My friend who taught me to cook carbonara before came with a new recipe and to be told that it is much more better than last time.

Chapter 126

Diffrence in Me??

Within a year I couldn't see a major different in me except for those coloured hair and curl hair. The other things seems the same



Still the same me!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chapter 125

Open house 2010
thanks to all my friends!!
Hope there will be raya next year with all of you too and my lovable afiq
*Here, let me say it once more. Most of the food I'm the one who cook it!!! If sedap jgn malu2 to tell me, but if xsedap xyah cakap la

Chapter 124

I've been too busy lately until I don't even have time to update my blog. I even didn't log to my facebook lately. When people said, what am I busy with. I just can say that I'm too busy with nothing.
But, my life lately is effing awesome. I love the life that I had now. I can even change my course. Thanks papa!!!
Engineering is no longer my soul. I hate it. I just hope my journey in mangement will be better.
Since the last time I update this blog, I had a wonderful time with everyone. I celebrate raya on bed... i mean really on bed due to fever and shivers. Luckily I still manage to get lots of duit raya..hehehehe but at the end I spend all of it on nothing again. Apeng told me that I'm a total spender. I spend on everything that I need and I don't even need but most of teh time on things that I have thousand of it in my closet.
Nothing to say but THAT IS JUST ME!!!
After raya I did lots of other things too. We went to Jonker Street, being a homeless girl again ( i miss those jobless, homeless time). I just love to live like a normal girl having normal life and normal things. No matter what, I love my life and I'm thankful for this blessed life.
Oh my coach!!! (my mom love to say it lately)
* mom, u'r getting annoyed

Friday, September 3, 2010


please be stronger!!!
you're stronger than this my dear

crying won't solve any problem

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chapter 123

I'm making a statement right here that

Yes, I know that not many could trust me with this statement because we used to be together before. But it's already been a year for us being friend and 8 months and a day breaking of with him. So, please stop making your own assumption regarding our friendship. We are just being friends like others because I doesn't mean that if we broke up, we have to end our friendship too. If that is the case, it's better for us just to be friend forever and ever.

I admit that I used to be love drunk with him but everything is over. The words loving you forever is totally over forever.
Mark my words

So I hope that there will be no one being hurt just by seeing a picture of us together at his facebook. Btw, the picture is located in his best buddies album. It's proven that nothing is going on between us. Whether you want to believe it or not its all depending on you. I've done my duty explaining my part. So, just stop doing any stupid action by crying or anything whenever you know that we are being friends back.

I'm hoping that everyone can take a baby steps not to hate people on how you think they are. We are FRIENDS and I don't see any reasons that friendship will ruin my or his life. So, stop disturbing my life saying that Kipp is yours or he flirt with you so he is yours. Or anything. Because I don't care, I just beg on the person I've been talking about just to stop doing all that. It will not make any different. You think he flirts you and you think he's yours, so just concentrate on how to win his heart more than thinking about me.

You want him, work for him.
You need him, be with him.
You like him, show him.
You love him, just tell him.
( This is all I can say for you to get him )

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chapter 122

Bila nak raya ape lagi yang boleh I tulis kt blog selain keje memperabihkan duit. Tu jela keje yang I'm really good at, and I bet every girls good at it too. Today as early as 6am right after sahur, me and my family preparing to bake bahulu. Ni memang keja gila! Actually it was planned by my dad, dia teringin sangat nak buat bahulu. So we all menyemak skali la.!! BTW, berbakat sunguh papa in baking. Lepas nie all of Hong Leong Bank workers can order bahulu kt papa while Uncle Shamsul yang secretary papa akan ambil semua order.hikhikhik... Just Joking!! Tapi papa memang pandai memasak.

Right after that, we went to KLCC. I bought a new Nine West clutch and a Jane Holli handbag. This two handbag je cost more than 1K. Gila ke ape. Tapi cantik la, so can be consider with that amount. I thought bru nk beli coach wristlet baru..Ehhhmmm, next time myra!! Then I bought eyeliner ar Shesheido and their new released lipstick. Best la, cz it really stay on lips for sometimes. Then I thought of buying shoes, but unfortunately their shoes looks really mak cik mak cik. Only suits for my mom's age. Can you imagine, Guess, Nine West, Aldo everything entah ape2 je. Then we went to Jimmu Choo, mama nak belanja this one suede black with glitters oxford style heel but can you imagine it cost 1K++. So I yang tetiba bermurah ati, cakap kat mama xpela. I dont feel like wearing this expensive shoes because now I da jarang pakai heels. Nampak tinggi sangat with heels since my natural height is already 158cm.

Then we drop by at Karyaneka because I nak cari cucuk sanggul. Finally I found one, cantik gila!! Xdela nampak cm nk kahwin tp really look typical malay kampung girl. Just cost me Rm 40. Thne I thought nk beli three tier necklace, but design da nak habis. So, aunty lin cakap nanti datang la boutique dia kat KJ and coming soon in Curve because what I want ada kt boutique je. So nanti I akan bawa my Afiq there because I nak belikan butang baju melayu. I want him to look gorgeous in baju melayu. baru la budka melayu sikit!!! No matter what I'm proud to say that I'm 100% malay and no matter how sucks my malay is or how terrible my attitude as a malay girl, I love our culture heritage and tradition.

So i jela yang I telah berbelanja untuk hari ini, thanks papa and mama for everything. Both of you really rock my life out. I sentiasa bersyukur kerana dapat apa yang I nak selagi my parents mampu untuk belikan. I can never thanks them for how understanding they are on my needs. I tau kadang2 xsemua org at the age of 19 dapat pakai those brand new handbags cost you rm1K and etc. I'm glad atas rezeki yang Allah berikan, hopefully tahun ini my family akan merayakan Aidilfitri dengan lebih bermakna dan lebih jimat. Selepas balik dari Event Secangkir Kasih last saturday it really widen my eyes how lucky I'm to have this life. Although it is now luxuries but I still can breath, eat, wear, use, have and able to get things that I wanted even a family. My family is everything, when I saw their faces with no siblings, parents, and life depending on a single fan sharing with numbers of kids makes me realise that how could it be if I'm in their shoes. Could I survive with this kind of life I'm having right now???

Amin kerana I antara yang dapat makan dan hidup dengan selesa berbanding mereka yang lain. Alhamdullilah

Friday, August 27, 2010

I am totally ready and can't wait for this year Hari Raya. I da ada 3 kebaya pendek which 2 kebaya nyonya and 1 is kebaya lace. 1 kebaya panjang, 2 baju kurung and 1 jubah from hajaba. Ehm, xsedar I already have 7 baju to wear just on raya. While my college only have 3days raya holiday, On the 4th day of raya I have to come back to college. So entah bila la nk pakai tu semua. Everything comes bila ambil kt tailor yesterday, tgk2 da ada 5 baju and tonight keluar dengan papa, papa bought for me another two kebaya. Tu pun papa nak belikan kurung lagi kt Great Eastern boutique kt concourse. Looks nice and expensive tp npk over pulak cz I'm not going to any special occasion pun. So mls nk beli. Then, now I just haven't buy my handbag, clutch, and shoes for raya. Earring, and rantai raya da beli but suddenly I teringin nak jadi a very traditional girl on this raya with cucuk sanggul, dokoh and everything. I want everything to look old, It's not that I want to look old but I want it to look antique. Nowadays teenagers doesn't appreciate antiques while antiques cost you double and sometimes triple than the new one. So I found out what I'm looking for this weekends.

So these are the things that I need to have before raya. I really need it, if not my raya is ruin. Please papa, give me more budget for raya. I need another shot of shopping... Then I'm totallt down with everything...Arrrgggghhh, I lupe. Tomorrow, mama ajak gy Isetan shopping handbags, perfume and bju Ralph Lauren tp esk I ada berbuka dengan anak-anak yatim..... AArrrggghhh, sedih!!!
Sunday I kne study for exam.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chapter 120

I love you

Is that mean anything to you??

No, because you don't trust me. I'm sorry because I'm not the perfect angel for you just from heaven. I'm just a normal being that needs to be love, and to be care. I'm sorry for hurting you so much, since the time you enter my whole life my friends are no one for me. You are everything but I want you to know that later I still need my time with my friends because on the time we had a fight they are the one who will lent their ears and shoulder for me to cry on. Especially at the moment where everything in your eyes is nothing when it comes to me. I'm so sorry!! You said that you love me, so do I but we are broken apart from the moment we need time to cool down. Nothing works. I didn't know whether you realise or not that I'm losing you and you're losing me too. Just the reason why we are still need each other is love. We have nothing else in common already right now.

You want me not to be friend with everyone so OK fine. I'll change my mobile number and I'll make sure that my family member are the only person who get through this new coming number for any emergencies. No one will get my number including you because if you need me, you still can contact my house number. I want to live like a girl with no mobile. If this will make you happier, I'm glad to see you happy.

From now on, anything just buzz me on ym, facebook, or any relevant ways. I'm tired of arguing with you till my last breath. I'm tired of those shouting, yelling, and accusation. I hope this ways will just work for us.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chapter 119

Obsessive and Clingy Spouse!

Getting into any relationship is hard enough. Relationship is not all about the good things but sometimes it turn upside down too. So having a phychotic partner is the beginning to arise, it can be nerve wrecking.

Constant calling When she/he feels the need to call you so many times that you begin to worry, it can be a sign of your partner being overly possessive. There is a big difference between calling to talk and calling to know where you are at all times. It will just turn worse when it involves your friends too. Relationship is about trust, trust your partner but still need your brain to think whether your partner is worth it to have your trust then.

Your partner choose or decide who your friends are Whether your friends are male or female, if she/he tries to cut you off from friendships, there are definite problems. Way big big big problem in your relationship. You should remember, everyone have the right to speak up for their own. This action just shows like you have no right to tell your partner who she/he can and cannot be friends with, never deal about this.

Cyber stalking Facebook and Myspace and Twitter and Blogs and Formspring and many other social networking. Most of the relationship at least will have a fight about this. This is already like a syndrome in every relationship. Remember not to give your personal password and everything will just make everything screwed up. It can lead to more unhealthy behavior.

Having the exact same interests all the time isn't always the best When your girlfriend seems to suddenly have an uncanny like for everything you mention, it's hard not to wonder if she’s telling you the truth. It is not good to have a chameleon girlfriend; it can lead to bigger lies. It is not that having same interest is not good, it is a bonus. Just a bonus, not something that you need. Sometimes your partner might have his/her regular cliques to hangout doing his/her interest together

Alligator arms If your girlfriend is unwilling to reach into her purse to pay half of a date, it can show that she’s selfish and will expect you to pick up the tab for everything. That’s psycho behavior at the height of its gluttony. It might not be a big problem when you have the *kaching kaching but when you're in a tight pocket, this is where both need to learn and understand about sharing the bills together. Sharing is caring to build more love.

Moving into your place This shows that she/he's trying to encroach on every aspect of your life, and that it absolutely unhealthy. Being 24/7 is just not good for couples. This is where the flame of volcano will explode without any signals when you already tired of being tied all the time. Everyone needs time for family, friends, studies and everything. Being in a relationship is not all about you and your partner only. If you’re not at that step up, but you’re slowly trying finding more and more of her/his stuff in your house, you need to cut ties.

Being treated like a child When he/she didn't respect you then it is not only time to discuss but it is the perfect time to walk away. You should be treated like adults because now is not the time for you to be taught but to be learn.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chapter 118

This is my favourite shop NOW!!!

I used to love Guess so much, now there's too much guess products being imitate. I have stop buying it!
Then I love GAB so much and Zara, I still will be GAB customer for shirts and cardigans. Zara will be one of my choice when there will be NO SALE. When it is on SALE , it is really fuck up with everything in a bundle. But until now, I still love Miss Sixty so damn much. I still can't see any reasons why I should stop buying Miss Sixty.

JASPAL really fits me. They have sizes like xxxs to xl. I really appreciate that. Just now I went to Pavillion for shopping and I borong at Jaspal. At the end, I came out from the shop with 3 paper bags full with mine.. hahahaha.
puas ati!!! I had a really great spa at Jaspal.

*Thanks to Jaspal for the cheap price with great materials and nice cuts. I JUST LOVE IT!!

Next thing to do is to buy handbags, shoes, perfumes and clutch.
Handbags - Nine West, Jane Holli and Baby Phat
Shoes - Charles and Keith, Nine West and Guess
Perfumes - Not decided yet!!
Clutch - Still looking!!!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lifehouse - Take Me Away

this time what I want is you
there is no one else
who can take your place
this time you burn me with your eyes
you see past all the lies
you take it all away
I've seen it all
and it's never enough
it keeps leaving me needing you

take me away
take me away
I've got nothing left to say
just take me away

I try to make my way to you
but still I feel so lost
I don't know what else I can do
I've seen it all
and it's never enough
it keeps leaving me needing you

take me away
take me away
I've got nothing left to say
just take me away

don't give up on me yet
don't forget who I am
I know I'm not there yet
but don't let
me stay here alone

this time what I want is you
there is no one else
who can take your place
I've seen enough and it's never enough
it keeps leaving me needing you

take me away
take me away
I've got nothing left to say
just take me away

take me away
take me away
I've got nothing left to say
just take me away

This song can really make me cry. I listened to it millions of time and never get tired of it. I just hope YOU will take me away once again like how you did to me before. And please don't let me go again.

Chapter 117

Selamat Berpuasa!!!
and I nak mintak maaf dekat semua org yg kenal kt I and ada terasa or ada dendam atau sakit ati dengan I. I mintak maaf sesangat!!


I have to wake up earlier than usual so that I have enough time to wear my tudung. Today is the 1st Ramadhan. I'm a little bit weird when I enter the class with tudung. Xpela!!
Ramadhan once a year. Xtentu lagi dapat sambut the next Ramadhan so I hope I can collect as many pahala during this Ramadhan. Pahala bulan Ramadhan ni berkali kali ganda. Insyallah Ramadhan ni lebih baik dari sebelum sebelumnya dan Insyallah I akan lebih rajin berpuasa... No such thing nak ponteng and lapar lapar lagi...


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chapter 116

I drove back to Johor Bahru today. In the first place, I thought of going back early in the morning since I've planned to visit Ngah, Uncle Bobby, Uncle Din, Aunty Lin, Sarah n ramai lgi la. But, as usual plans will always drag. I moved my ass out from my house at 11.45am and stopped at Pagoh to fill tank full at 1.15pm. I bought cendol and cempedak because my dad is cempedak lover. Continue our journey to JB and reach at 2.20pm at this creepy and dull looking Giant at Southern City. I DON'T REALLY MASTER JOHOR BAHRU ROUTE so whenever I saw a hypermarket Giant I just went there without question. Guess what Nana told me " Asal akak drive here, I xsuka la Giant ni". And I ask why. She said


I laugh and once I reach there, she's right. This is the most pape kedana hypermarket I have ever been. And pirate DVD are sells openly. Then we went to Ngah's house and lepak lepak lepak lepak. I am starving so on my way back to sent Nana to STF, we had our early dinner at 4.30pm in Lido. Perut kenyang I thought of sleeping but I have to drive back to KL. I rushed to STF since the clock ticks to 5.40pm already and her curfew at 6.oopm. Then I directly drove to KL and reach my lovely home at 8.35pm.
Terus jump atas katil n lepak laaaaaa. Then baru la online to write this tiring blog....... :)

If papa is changing his car again, makin terbang la I bawak kereta you nanti.. any summons kira halal la k papa. *winks*

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chapter 115

new me in 3weeks
*thought to dye my hair for raya

Chapter 114


I'm sorry if before this I'm not the one who make you smile and i'm not the one that u keep thinking about. I'm just a simple girl who needs a simple relationship BUT that doesn't mean I don't meant it when I say I love you. Whenever I'm not jealous about those crappy things, it's not that I don't care BUT I want you to know that I trust you. Whenever I keep silence about your action means that I won't speak out afraid of argument with you BUT it doesn't mean I allow you to do anything. As long it is still in in limits I won't mind because I know we are still young and so many thing to go through. I just want us to be happy with each other.

I'm happy that we can smile and have fun together back nowadays. :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chapter 113



At 7.45pm me, afiq and aten when to Chakri Express in Alamanda Putrajaya for dinner. Since yesterday was 3rd August 2010. We had a special dinner together. Right after the dinner, we went to Putrajaya park near the lake for picnic. We had Dominos for our picnic.

We really enjoy every moment spend together. I love my MMU-ian friends and Muhammad Afiq!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chapter 112

3rd August 2010

I just cut my hair!!!

things happened coincidently, when me, Syaza, Sean, and Banie were jobless. So Syaza recommend me to cut my hair because since last week I wanted to cut it. So we went to hair salon, with first intention of cuttinf just my fringe. At last, its end up with whole head cuts. I just feel relieved with all the stress I had when I cut my hair. :)

Conclusion : I cut my hair shorter (much more shorter ) and straight fringe *winks*

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chapter 111

I can't wait to watch Katy Perry, Tokio Hotel and Wondegirls to perform. It's time to enjoy!!!

Let's rock the night Fatin Farhana, Zuamira, Wan Amal, Anis Suhailah and Muhammad Afiq.
Afiq will be our manager on that night!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Chapter 110


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chapter 109


Tomorrow morning will be my 1st paper for midterm exam.

Ya Allah, permudahkan la ingatan ku terhadap apa yg telah dipelajari dan biarla otak ku ini boleh menginati segala formula yang ada. Aku berharap untak berjaya didunia mahupun diakhirat. Semoga perjalanan hidup ku lebih lancar selepas ini.

Chapter 108

I got your emails
You just don’t get females
Now, do you?
What’s in my heart
Is not in your head

Mate, you’re too late
And you weren’t worth the wait
Now, were you?
It’s out of my hands
Since you blew your last chance
When you played me

You’ll have to cry me out
You’ll have to cry me out
The tears that'll fall
Mean nothing at all
It’s time to get over yourself

Baby, you ain’t all that
Baby, there’s no way back
You can keep talking
But baby, I’m walking away

When I found out
How you messed me about
I was broken (heartbroken)
Back then I believed you
Now, I don’t need you
No more

The pic on your phone
Proves you weren’t alone
She was with you, yeah
Now, I couldn’t care
About who, what or where
We’re through

Won’t hurt a little bit
Boy, better get used to it
You can keep talking
But baby, I’m walking away

You’ll have to cry me out
You’ll have to cry me out
The tears that'll fall
Mean nothing at all
It’s time to get over yourself

I love this song so much because it gives me back my life full of laughter after long time mourning.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chapter 107

I don’t know but
I think I maybe
Fallin’ for you
Dropping so quickly
Maybe I should
Keep this to myself
Waiting ’til I
Know you better
I am trying
Not to tell you
But I want to
I’m scared of what you’ll say
So I’m hiding what I’m feeling
But I’m tired of
Holding this inside my head
I’ve been spending all my time
Just thinking about ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’ve been waiting all my life
And now I found ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’m fallin’ for you
As I’m standing here
And you hold my hand
Pull me towards you
And we start to dance
All around us
I see nobody
Here in silence
It’s just you and me
I’m trying
Not to tell you

But I want to
I’m scared of what you’ll say
So I’m hiding what I’m feeling
But I’m tired of
Holding this inside my head
I just can’t take it
My heart is racing
The emotions keep spinning out
I’ve been spending all my time
Just thinking about you

I have no idea why I write this song. I just miss this song so much. It used to be a song that I love so much then I stop listens to it. Suddenly, I miss it so much!!! Such a sweet song

Chapter 106

Feel like crying a river

I need a break
Padan muka to myself ( belajar last minute lagi )

I haven't had my dinner yet.
Nak makan tp mls nk turun bila memikirkan kena naik bilik balik. Dala bilik tinggi gle. Arrrggghhhh!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Chapter 106

23rd July 2010


Mya + Apeng + Syaza + Banie + Shaz + Fatin = One Utama

We went there just the 5 of us without aten because she when there with Zou earlier. We want to watch movie but it was fullhouse on that night. hukhuk!!
At last, we go shopping like hell. Habis duit I. Me and Apeng wanted to buy my little brother's birthday on last thursday.
We bought a topman shirt and a slipper. I wanted to buy a short for him with a belt but he's too skinny so quicksilver and Topman doesn't have size for him. While Apeng bought boxers from Quicksilver and slipper from Reef. Then the clock click almost to 10pm. We wanted to have dinner at Murni but we have to fetch Aten in Puchong first later move back to Murni. Klakar gak la!!! Merayap jela!!

I love my friends so much and I love my Apeng too!!!!

* I want to buy a sandal at FCUK. ( pink colour RM 329.00 ) sumpah comel!!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chapter 105

I love my Muhammad Afiq so much. If anyone out there don't believe me, I don't care. I know what I feel towards him and what we are going through. When the first time he's admitting and accepting who I am, my pass, my attitude or simply best describe as EVERYTHING. I am impress and I know that our relationship is strong. I will not trade anyone else with him. We had fight but he cool it down and back in love again. Our love had never stop and that's what I believe.

But, today I'm saying this...........
I love you so much. Although you are not perfect but I know you are the best for me. I will never betray your trust towards me. I know it is hard for you to understand my life. I know you always feel like losing me whenever I'm with my friends. The fact is I will never break our rules dear. I would not be that loyal, but trust me. When I know that I'm in love with someone else. I will tell you sayang. So now, you are the only one that I sayang so I can't stop saying I sayang you. Please appreciate each other more.

Chapter 104

Arggghhh, feeling the STRESS of EXAM!!!
Tired with questions.. feel like dying

I'm looking so dull and pale right now. I haven't eat rice for about 5days. I don't have any problems in relationship or family or anything but just in studies. So muka mmg da mcm perempuan mati anak or mati suami. huk huk!!!

I pray for the best gpa this semster.

Ya Allah, kabulkan doa myra. Myra nk 3.5 and above for this semester. Insyallah!!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Chapter 103

Syaza wants these handphone so badly and influence me to get one too since my smartphone also not so smart already when its turn to be speechless or better word to describe
" BISU "
Pening kepala bila handphone 24/7 in silence mode.

My Apeng wants to buy Apple Iphone 4G in Australia when he's there this December maybe. Then I dengan semangat menrengek wants him to buy Blackberry too with me so that we can BBM. I said that I don't like Iphone because it's too complicated and what so ever.
But the fact is " I DON'T AFFORD TO GET ONE " lagi2 4G.
Is he out of his mind??
I wont spend that much just on a single handphone.
Better I spend that amount to buy Ipad.

So starting from this point, I will save more on everything and spend more using Apeng's money so that I can save.
Thanks SAYANG!!!!!
I love you,
I love you,
I love you,
I love you.

You should help me to save by spending on my thingy so that I could save every penny that I have for my handphone.
Ehmmm, your handphone??????
We discuss later, mine first!!

Hopefully I could have this handphone ASAP because my handphone is in a CRITICAL mode.. hikhikhik :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Chapter 102


Things that make me miss him...
~ miss watching movie marathon
~ went for stupid movies as long we watch every movies that were screen
~ be jobless all night long
~ merempat doing stupid things
~ went to Dataran Merdeka try to discover all kind of people's life
~ went to Genting at 11pm and be back to KL by 4 or 5am for class in the morning
~ drink Air Mata Kucing at Petaling Street
~ online all night long
~ watch stupid videos when we were bored online
~ went for hot spring at Selayang
~ miss Char Kuey Teow at Mali's
~ playing pool and i'll cry so that he'll let me win ( he'll always win )
~ play bowling and win ( i will always win )
~ planning for our next holiday together
~ go shopping
~ seeing he bought cloth that he don't like but still bought it bcause i like it
~ went to IKEA just because I'm craving for Curry Puff
~ eat Daim cake at IKEA
~ go to Uptown for new movie DVD and watch at Kak Sha's house
~ riding motorcycle with him all around KL ( although he don't like it )
~ gaduh with him just to make him say sorry and give me what I want
~ make him more pening when everytime we fight, i ask for DKNY perfume
~ everytime he reminds me bout his birthday, he reminds me bout Onitsuka Tiger and new watch
~ see his angry face whenever I'm wearing tooooo less materials cloth
~ miss when he says that I'm a TAIKO then i'll laugh and cryyyy
~ miss when he says that I should be more sweet, jgn macho sgt!!!!
~ his face was like "aarrrrggghhhhh" when I keep saying the same thing
~ when i ask what or which one he like. he'll ask what i like bcs I won't pick he one the like
~ sleeping in front of TV at my house after watching movies, in the morning mama will selimutkan

* I just miss everything about him. We do so many things together and he give a smile back to my face. Thanks dear!!!! Now, everything change. We fight a lot, less spending time together. I have 3movies that need to be watch. Still waiting for you, but seems like everytime I'm free you'll be busy.. Ehhhmmmm!!!! *taking deep breath
I da malas nk gaduh ngn u, so please stop la gaduh ngn I.

_myra 12.07.10_

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chapter 101


Tonight will be the finale for FIFA WORLD CUP 2010in Africa.
I'm Netherland supporters but I have admit that I think Spain gonna won.
So tonight I have to be on Spain's side because I had a deal with Apeng that each goal scored cost RM 50.

apeng = Netherland
myra = Spain

we'll see how gonna make more money tonight!!!
please spain, shoot till 5-0.
Then at least I can make RM250 a night. hehehhe....
Praying for Spain to win!!!
But deep inside me, I LOVE NETHERLAND!!!!