Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chapter 68

23rd January 2009

Yesterday night was my great night. I met someone that I didn't aspect at all. Now, today everything turns good too.

I went back home about 10.30pm. Once I reached home, I'm surprised with the car, perfume and a bag. Macam paham je I need new handbag.

Where the hell I get all this??? Dari langit kot, rezeki!!

Actually, my closest friend are going back to aussie this weekend so he wants me to take care of his car. Apa lagi, rezeki I terima jela!! Dapat balik bawak Volkswagen GTI, seronok tak terkira. Tapi, minyak la pedih!!! :(
As reward, dia bagi la I those things. Thanks dude!!! I promise nothing could happen, nanti I sent to Shah Alam. OK??

So, where the heck am I going for tomorrow?? hehehe!!!!