Monday, June 28, 2010

Chapter 106

It already been ages I didn't update my beloved blog since he came into my life. When he were there for me all the time and do everything that makes me wonder how special I am to have him makes me forgot to write what I've been through all this while. Nothing can describe how meaningful my life is now with him and not a single words can best conclude what I felt. Every time I try to write about him and me, not a word came across me and he prefer us to be more to ourself than public views. I have my own diary just to spill out everything about us since he don't like me to write everything here.

But tonight I have to write everything down since this is where I used to express my feelings about every single petty things. For god sake, I love him so much and damn fucking much, which I mean so so so much more than anyone other guys out there. But lately we keep quarrel on things that seems nothing but actually everything.

even dew will not count
to grow flowers on falls
even it grew beautifully
no dew it dies
will drop out
like our love NOW
tired with cries
i have cry an ocean
trying to deny the reality

the more talk
the less love in us
the worse it become
maybe the face you give
explain what is going on
the bond makes us together
just missing
maybe the magic in us
just gone

do u still interested
to reconstruct everything back
every talks just not worth it
ends with a fight
just left a big question mark
where are the love we used to have??


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chapter 105

i'm so HAPPY right now because mama told me just now that i'm not moving.
i'm happy, nothing can describe my happiness right now.
Still MMU student :p