Monday, January 24, 2011

Chapter 144

I love him so much!
I feel lost without him.

When you saw me hanging out with my cliques or going out for movies or anything that doesn't mean that I've recover from missing and loving you. Love doesn't come in a day so it doesn't go in a day as well.


Chapter 143

We decided to epair our relationship, but our choice turns the other way. Everything turn worst.

I'm sorry because I tertinggal my hp twice in my car today. But there's nothing fishy going on. First, I was in rush to carry all of my belonging to my room in hostel. I didn't realise that I miss it on car desk board. Once I realise it, I immediately run down and took it. Then I miss it once again inside shaniza's car and that time I was totally late for SRM event in MMU. I'm sorry!! Because of I'm late i ask shaniza and syaza to take my handphone and sent it to SRM room. I went to SRM rom for ZOOM SARAWAK event that will be having this may. This event is organize by Rakan Muda MMU, to help the unlucky kids in Sarawak by teaching them the importants of Information of Technology. They will be taught all the basic things about multimedia which will take us to a very rural area in Sarawak ( i mean jalan tanah merah ok ).

I'm really looking forwards for this event because I really want to challenge my capabilities. We never thought that how we will do for it until we try it. But, this matter ends my relationship to the end of nothing. He decided to end this thing because he felt like being left aside. I didnt spend lots of my time with him like before so I'm sorry. I'll try to be better next time if we still have the chance to be together. I just hope that he'll know that I never want to mix things up between my college life and him. He is always my priority just the point of view that I see in study is different before. I take things to easy and now I want to win this two matter between you and my studies but I lost you. I just thought I could be that person who can get both things that they want.

Your action of deleting me from your facebook might makes you happier. Good luck in your studies and the most inportant is your life.
xoxo, Love you!!!
muhammad afiq hairollah.

Chapter 142

My last post was on 8th Jan. I used to spend lots of time writing on my blog but lately I found another way of expressing my feelings and my thoughts. But I guess, my blog is still on my top list of favourite.

I broke up with him, I'm not suppose to spill this out here. He don't like my way of writing for public but actually this is for my own view. My story of life is not that catchy like those novels but I love every chapters that I've been through.

Our relationship ends because of me. I should be better for him if I really love him. I didn't realise that I'm not good enough because I always thought I'm in a safe zone already. I ignore his feeling on how I treat him. I keep thinking on how I treat him without thinking what he have done towards me.

Last week was my final exam week and I told him that I'll not mingling around with my friends but on last wednesday I obey my own words. I went to the Curve for meatball and Daim cake. I'm craving for them that day badly. Besides, I wanted to try another shop at subang ss15. I know I should give more priority to him than other things. Before that we already so cold when I decided to cut my hair short. Super short I meant! He wants me to keep my hair long but I refuse to listen for his command and I cut it short. He was mad with me and nothing else I can say than just "Sorry". I just want to give a shot of having short hair. Right after those incident, we fight a lot. All of the problems comes from me. I should try to listen more and follow him, give more time for him.

I'm sorry with my dress up, I should change. I just need more time. I'm still young, and i'm proud that my dressing da xmcm before. Before susah sgt nk npk i pkai long pants and long shirt. Now it neer been a problem for me. It just sometimes I feel like wearing it. I'm sorry. I bukan xnk pakai when I'm out with you. It's just bila we got out I takut jumpa ngn family or uncle or aunty u. Xmanis kan I pakai mcm tu jumpe org tua. itu je!!!

I'm sorry! I deserve to be dump. Stated right here, I've been dump. Now I know how it really feel like. I'm sorry but nothing else I want than you. We spend a lot of time together, I remember the week that everyday I came drop by to your house in Desa Vista and cook for lunch and dinner for you and your housemate. I love seeing you happy eating full plate of rice.

My mama always remind me " lelaki yg baik just for prempuan yg baik " so I should try to be better if I wants him. Besides, if I can't be him now maybe we'll be together later. Kalau ada jodoh, there's nothing to be worried kan. I know he's tooooo young to talk about those things. So many things that we want to achieve in life but early preparation makes a good target.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chapter 141

Hello geeks!!

been ages I didn't updated my blog, since then so many things came across that makes me feel wonderful.

new phone, which is not really new - months
new pet, green iguana which is not really new though
new lifestyle, more time with boyfie n friends
new job, cooking for him
celebrate 3 birthday person in a row - boyfie, aten and aten's boyfie
new year celebration at curve - 2 years in a row
bottles - kling kling kling!!!
what else ????

ehmmmm.... thats all i guess.
now, i spend more time being a good girl at home n college because i found that nothing else to do in KL. Everything had done before.