Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chapter 67

Yesterday was my Baddest Day!!!

But, today everything seems good...I LIKE!!!

I had dinner with my childhood friends, oopps childhood bff but still bff right now. I miss them like crazy. During school time, we do all those crazy stuff together. Muka je baik, tp kepala otak semua macam devils. But, we are the devils wear Prada, Juicy Couture, Ted Baker girls. But, I still missing Najah Nadia. We used to do all things together, the good and even the bad.hahaha.

Our night was so lucky, we met Awal Ashari and Jehan Miskin and pape lagi la. My friends are like seeing ghost. Kelam kabut, I rasa macam bawak rombongan budak2 tadika. We thought of mingling around after the dinner but Masdiyana still having curfew. She's the angle and budak pandai la katakan..hehe

Right after we went home, I went to Great Eastern mall. I wanted to buy O'brien sandwich and frappucino caramel at Starbuck
( when I was staying in Ampang these are compulsory for me almost everynight ) :)

And guess what, I met someone I used to love before. hahaha. Budak Ampang la of course. The best part, I didn't realised him because he's totally different. Luckily, he came to me and say hello. Totally shock and I just smile.
Bluuuuurrrr gila!!!
I'm shaking!!! I'm totally a loser.hahaha. He even noticed that. Malu gak la, but who cares. I'm totally impress to see him after almost 2years.
One more thing, HE KNEW THAT I JUST BROKE UP!!! *( stalker )*
We sat for about half and hour and do our talking.

him : You seems like really in love with your ex, then why both of you broke up?
me : Tak de jodoh agaknyer!
him : Why didn't act like how you did when we were together?
me : What have I done?
him : Beribu gambar korang together, blog you proudly talking about him, and the way you hug, stare at him in picture are different. You xpenah pun ngn I cm2? You even pronounced your relationship with love words, X JATUH KE SAHAM YOU??
me : (BENGGANG) I really love him la. I rase sayang and love yang lebih. Time ngn u still young. Da la, bosan la telling about me je. I nak tau pasal you.
him : Melarikan diri. You really good at it, dari dulu sampai sekarang!!

# I da penat telling story about my break out, my BFF everyone tanya.

Then we chit chatting and I have to rushed back to MMU. Tomorrow I'm having my calculus paper. But once I reached MMU, Ezry called. Invite for shisha, ape lagi OK jela!!! Me, Ezry, Zul and Rahimi.