Friday, October 23, 2009

Chapter 33 ( Euphoria )

*22nd October 2009*
mya + aziee + benu + adrin + ezry + mikah + faris + acap + rizal = MOS, sunway
faiq + 2 mmu melaka guy + uniten guy = faiq's cliques
I already planned to go to euphoria with Faiq a few days before but suddenly, I have so many things to be done which turn me down to euphoria that night. Plus Aziee whose's not going. Lagi lagi lagi la xder mood. Then I thought of changing plan for shisha at Andalus but everyone just not feeling like going out that night. So the planned turn up side down again. Then I decided to sleep. Then out of sudden, Aziee screamed asking me to wake up and told me she's going to euphoria with me.
I sayang gle kt u!!!
I just know you won't leave me alone, right??? hehehe

And he told me we're going with FCM guys.
( gle la segan!! because I've never talk or even know them before,OK la - new friends )
Thankful to them because teman kn kteorg. At least ader bodyguard.. n they are nice guys!! =)

they were aziee's n myra's protector for the night!!


Before we get into MOS, kenyang kn perut dulu la. THEN...

tp it will be great if bf i yg tercinta ikut sekali. i will always remember you dear!!

Right after enjoying ourselves, we moved back to MMU. Before that we went to Js Maju for a drink. Tu pun I, Aziee, Ezry, Adrin and acap je. The others da nk balik and tido!!!

I pun da ngantok sesangat tu la pasal drive cam org gile,
nk kejar kan katil!!!!
Once balik je bilik... APE LAGI, TERUS DIVING ATAS KATIL LA!!! sampai malas nak gy class the next day!!

The End

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chapter 32 ( Papadom )

*15th October 2009*

mya + syaza + shaz + faten + banie = Alamanda

That day, our class supposely finished at 6.00pm but the tutorial class starts on the 2nd week. So our lecture class ended at 2.00pm and we were jobless since Aziee ( the one with car this week ) have to rushed back to Gombak her aunty's house for funeral ceremony.

So we decided to go to Alamanda by bus..hehehe. 1st time on bus since I left school years. Lagi2 kt Cyberjaya and Putrajaya, absolutely xpenah la kn. Quite excited with it!!!huhu

We watched PAPADOM!!! Interesting story line. I just not so into Liyana Jasmay but the story is great.
It makes me thinking of my dad.
Suddenly I miss him and felt like going home that night. I gave 4 1/2 stars out of 5 stars.

Then we took bus to MMU again. While exchanging bus at Putrajaya Sentral, Aziee called me and invited me to meet Kipp and Rijal. So Aziee picked me up there and took them to JS Maju. That day, I had a fight with Kipp and the worst of it. He didn't come for me. I'm so frust and thousands came across my mind about his action. Then everthing settle down and I know the reasons of his action. And okay la!!!

That's all I could say.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chapter 31 *slimming spirit*

*12th October 2009*

mya + aziee + shaz + faten + syaza = Cyberia

Aziee proposed all of us to slim down bacause honestly we should put out some weight except foR faten bacause she's absolutely slim enough. So she came out with this one plan of going for swimming every monday and tuesday while the other days will be jogging day.

We'll see how long this plan would last.

So we went to Cyberia for swimming without dinner and we gonna have a balance dinner since the day.

Once we finished swimming, we went to Mak Teh for dinner. We have the worst dinner ever. Mak Teh was the best spot for us to dine in but suddenly that night Mak Teh's food was a disaster.

No one satisfied with the foods.

This time around was Shaz's idea to have dinner at Mak Teh since Banie also have no deep interest at Mak Teh anymore

Then with the spirit of slimming down turned up side down when Banie recomended us for KFC. We went to KFC and I want ice cream at McD ( the others joined my invitation too ). That night was super duper WHATEVER when our slimming program doesn't worked out.

And we have our KFC at HB3 ( girls hostel ) parking lot. Just beside my beloved baby, that's my car!!!hehehe..jgn mara.

they are my true friend

Chapter 30

*10th October 2009*

mya + kipp + aziee + rijal = Sky Bar Traders Hotel, the Apartment Curve, Rasta TTDI

Tonight supposely to be Rijal's night because aziee , kipp and mya planned a surprised birthday celebration for Rijal. But I it turned to be my and Rijal's night when kipp did somthing sweet to me. hehehe.

I miss you babe!!
We went to Traders Hotel KL, Sky Bar at first but unfortunately the place were packed with people. We have to wait for seats and Kipp started to make faces because for him the place is too noisy and pack. That night I'm wondering why without purpose he wanted a peaceful place to hangout while before he'll be the one whose smiling to that kind of place. So we moved to Laundry, the curve since the night were still young. Once we were there, Aziee said she wanted to go to the apartment where we can talked and relaxing.

I and Kipp went to Pavilion before to buy my dress and Rijal's birthday cake. So we make a surprised to him with the cake and we bought Esprit watch for him ( aziee + kipp + ashriq + mya ). He was extreamly shocked when he saw the watch.

Then Kipp were so brave and being so sweet towards me. hehehe. I love it but Aziee and Rijal said that we were to serious about it.

Thanks Kipp!!!

Then we went to Rasta for late night dinner and shisha.
We just love Rasta so damn fucking much.
And there it change my life.huhu =)
now I gf orang, so no one should came across the line. For the first time public viewers, I'm belong to Kipp Esa!! I love you damn crazy freaking fucking deadly love you...

Thats all from me for this chapter. I da xtau nk merapu ape benda. tu jela!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chapter 29

*7th October 2009*
mya + rijal + kipp = myspace status
Now I have no idea why im smiling non stop. it happened all because of rijal si kecik tu. Rijal starts everything. I have no idea who's the masterplan, whether rijal himself or kipp. He sent a status of a song from secondhand serenade. He dedicate the song for me and kipp. He made me wondering what's going on actually. I just can't write everything now, because honestly my hands are shaking. I have no idea what's going on with me once I know him better day by day.
You make my heart blooms dear!!
RijαlIt's Not Over-Second hand Serenade,dedicated to Kipp,Mira
Mood:chill Posted 50 minutes ago
m y a xyah buat drama leh kn??
m y a xphm la korg nie??
kipp bodoh la kau.rijal babiiiiii -.-
m y a asl lak kipp nangis?
kipp jgn layan rijal ni -.-
Rijαl kipp nangis =.='
m y a asl lak mira??

m y ais it over??
m y a do what??
Rijαl do it for me,NOW
m y a ok.i love azieerijalkipp so much. thanks for being a great friends!!
Rijαl arghh,nama i belakang
m y a syg azieekipprijal gak
Rijαl syg korg :)
m y a i n kipp biase jela. xder yg beza ok???jgn la risau sgt
m y a OK la!!!
Rijαl mira,its not over.ITS NOT OVER
m y a whatever la kipp
kipp its not over yet :)
m y a ok!!

kipp i wish i could drive away to the sunset
m y a hahhaha. mengarut jela!
Rijαl nnt aku ngn azie buat sunset tu kt korg,kt SK
m y a kipp pun ngek ngok. mane la ader sunset kt uniten n cyber 2..
kipp yeah.thats very true rijal pendek
m y a ngek ngok la rijal!!
Rijαl melamar kau lah Mira
m y a what r u going to do at sunset??

kipp i'll come back for more
m y a DA LA!!! rijal n kipp stop doing this
Rijαl do it for me,NOW
kipp for u :)
m y a for more girls??

kipp you steal my heart and curse under your breath
m y a if its me. im sorry for making ur life miserable than before

RijαlThat's My Goal-Shayne Ward,Kipp Mira,feel lagu ni

kipp i wish you could put your ear up to my heart and hear how much I love you
Rijαl i havn't heard a sound

m y a asl ngn u n kipp mlm nie???
m y a npk
He's a nice guy which no one could resist.
No girls could afford to resist him once she knew him.
Physically, he's just a normal guy like the one you could see out there. He do what other norm guys did but deep inside him he's an interesting guy to know. The more I try to apart from him, the nearer i got to. I'm afraid of hurting another innocence and a truly in love guy as I hurts a few before. I have no idea if I will hurt him too. If that things happen, I will never forgive myself for losing another trust of a guy. Deeply inside my heart I know that I love him. But I don't know how long this feeling could stay. This is the biggest question mark inside me. I hope you know why i (myself) doubt of my own feelings.
for once, i cried when i wrote this blog for a guy that's not mine!!