Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chapter 98

I lve u myra!!!
01.48pm on April 9th 2010

Different guys before this couldn't make me smile with this words unless my ex Afiq Mohd because it is so hard for me to hear this sacred words from him. When he say this words I'm glad at least he do love me before, and I didn't feel like being played. But suddenly, I received this text from someone else and I can't force myself not to smile.

Myra benggong!!!
Just Ignore! :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chapter 97

I have no time to update my blog. I missed a lot of moments that I have done with me lovely friends. We planned for Go-kart at Sepang but everything turn upside down then they played "police and thief" at the circuit ( so cute ), then I join MMU Go-kart team for competition at Cyberjaya ( cool but gegar my whole body ), go for pool until I da terrer main, naik genting la, entah pape2 la me and my friends did. But i'm happy to have them besides me.

Before this I spends lots of my time with my guy but when he's gone, I'm more independent and I can do whatever I want. Now my life is meaningful than before.

Thanks for eveything K**P. I appreciate every single moment and every single things that happen.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Chapter 96


I don’t expect you to text me 24/7.
I don’t expect you to call me all the time.
I don’t expect you to put me in front of your boys.
I don’t expect you to ditch all your girl best friends for me.
I don’t expect you to surprise me with roses.
I don’t expect you to buy me the world on my birthday.
I don’t expect you to always agree with what I say.
I don’t expect you to pay for everything.
I don’t expect you to go out of your way and buy all the things that I mention I wanted.
I don’t expect you to put me over your family.
I don’t expect you to brag about me to all your friends.
I don’t expect you to keep all your promises.
I don’t expect you to believe I’m the best girlfriend in the whole world.
I don’t expect you to stop checking out other girls.
I don’t expect you to never mention a hot girl in front of me.
I don’t expect you to already know what I want.
I don’t expect you to never be mad at me.
I don't expect you to spend every single penny on me.
I don't expect you to be rich like the other people boyfriends.
I don't expect you to be gorgeous for me to show you to the world.
I don't expect you to be someone you're not when I'm into your life.
I don't expect you to stop enjoying your life with your friends.
I don't expect you forcing to love what I do love.
I don't expect you to be my cheerleader all the time.
I don't expect you and me will never have a fight.
I don't expect you to say I'm beautiful, gorgeous while I'm not.

I just expect you to be trustworthy, to trust me, to never take me for granted like I won’t take you for granted
to always be real with me, to keep equality between us, and to love me.
That’s all I need!!

If i ignore you, don't ignore me back... try and get my attention.
If i brush away your hand as you try to hold it... grab it and let me know you really care.
Don't just give up... If i seem like i'm doubting you and us, reassure me that this is just one out of a million obstacles we're going to go through in this relationship, don't act all depressed and beat yourself up about it.
If you get the feeling that i want to leave you... don't just sit back and watch me.
Don't say "you can leave me if you want to"... fight for me... tell me how much you want me to stay.

I'm just a girl. and i need to feel needed sometimes.
right ? :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chapter 95

I'm talking on the phone with him now and I am happy to hear his voice

Chapter 94


It's been a year for me to be apart with him.

But I have no idea why he's still haunting me. I manage to get over him when I am with my past Naqib Esa. When I'm with Kipp, I do love him with all my heart although my ex Afiq still apart of me. My heart is still with a piece of Afiq name on it. And now, he's back into my life after he's being too tempered to hear my name. Before this he's too allergic with the name of Amirah Mokhtarudin but suddenly he text me. I'm so happy with a blooming smile on my face when I received a message from him... When he asked me why I didn't text him before, he should know why this happened. He is the one who is keep avoiding from me. BLA BLA BLA BLA....

I just have no idea what am I talking about now.. I am talking craps now!!!!!

This song explains everything.....And I keep repeating this song over and over again. When I am down, these kind of song only will comfort me

Tidak ku sedar setahun sudah berlalu
Rasanya bagai hanya hari itu
Terakhir kali bertemu

Takkan ku lupa semua segar dalam ingatan
Sayangnya kita tidak pernah berikatan
Semuanya tinggal kenangan

Tapi janganlah engkau salah sangka
Aku kembali tanpa sebarang agenda

Bagaimana, seharusnya ku mengutuskan
Satu sikap yang bijaksana
Seandainya, kau tak mengaku
Hati mu teruntuk ku
Dan bila, sampai waktunya ku pergi lagi
Ku perlu engkau memahami
Aku hanya ingin melunaskan sesuatu janji

Tidak ku sangka cinta kita jadi begini
Dunia dewasa tidak sebebas dulu lagi
Terpaksa mendiamkan diri
Apa di hati

Bukan maksudku membuat kau terkeliru
Harap kau mengerti hati ku
Selalu dengan mu