Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chapter 61


I'm not in a really good condition for the last few days so we decided to hangout together since Wanie is having her two weeks break. Rindu gila kt korang sume. I fetch them at Ampang ( where I grew up )..Tersangat la rindu kt Ampang area and OMG Ampang having really bad traffic.. Benci!!

We went to Mid valley since everyone are tired enough with Bukit Bintang and KLCC. Best la!! I really miss them so much. I even impress because they still care about me and always stalk on me..


They remind me not to be so naughty and be a good girl for the fu
ture. Sayang la korg!!

At mid valley, buat bodoh jela!!! Since nk tgk wayang, we have to line up till McD. Gila la panjang! So we had lunch at Madam Kwan and
decided fo

r karaoke at Red Box, Gardens. Itu pun lagi satu masalah, Entah la asl ngn Mid Valley nie. Then we went to GSC Gardens for movie. Pun full je. At last, gy solat asar kt jusco..Pun la ramai!! nk amek wuduk kne beratur dua line. ish ish...
So we moved out from there and went to Bangsar's mosque for prayer. Time dekat traffic light, ader la this one guy in his car whose betul2 besides my car tergelak2. And was looking at us. Luckilly, all of us are single since everyone keep being victims to guys so melayan la and even take picture. Bukan main seronok mamat tu!!

After that, we went to Tasik Titiwangsa. Amal's plan because dia malas nk balik lgi. That time ade drama when this couple kne mara at public because buat maksiat. Ade ke patut, kalau iye pun go and get a room. Malu la couple tu, da la bertudung!! On our way walking to car, kene kejar with a group of guy yang tgh main boat dekat tasik. Kejar just to talk..Mabuk pe..And, ada this whole car penuh dengan mamat mane entah la stops their car and jerit2 panggil kiteorg. Da la that time I tgh panjat kerusi coz nk main2. Malu la sangat. Tpi I kisah ape, I'm not pretending to be someone I'm not. Then we moved back home. I kne la hantar dorang kat rumah maisng2..
Hah!!! Lupe nak bagitau, sampai je rumah Maz. I drop jela dia, I buat je u-turn nampak " TAUGE " kluar umah..The best part, Maz wait for me to make the u-turn just to inform me that is 'tauge' ( his brother ). Pape la!! Gelak nak pecah perut dalam kereta. Teringat time skolah dok usik2 ngn tauge..kahkahkah..

Then I sent Amal and Wanie. Right after drop Amal, I and Wanie baru leh contact Kamil ( my ex-bf ), he's studying in UITM for culinary arts. Kenduri kahwin nanti da ader membe leh tolong masak kan. If kahwin ngn dia pun bagus gak..Kamil hunnybunny jela yg masak kn utk I. Baru la sayang lebih..hehehhe

So that's all for my chapter 61. Happy Ending!!! At last, after last few chapters of mourning, tears, shouting, yelling, blaming, hurting and emotional statement. Now I'm living my life. I'm a cool girl, not like he said. mmuuuaah!!!