Friday, August 19, 2011

Chapter 154

During Ramadhan, everyone sibuk mengejar untuk berbuka puasa. Same goes to me!!!...hee. After a very hectic day, breaking fast is the moment that I'm looking forward to preparing with all kind of foods and drinks. But, we should not forget to bersahur as well. Sahur not only gives you strength for the whole day but.. makes Ramadhan even sweeter than other months. So, back to the topic. Bersungguh2 mencari tempat berbuka yg best and as expected we always faced full house, full house, full house, sorry miss! argh.. this year, mostly berbuka around cyberjaya only. Padi, Old Town, Mat Ayam Kampung, Fish Castle.. boring!!!

But, I still have great berbuka in few places...

aunty aini's place.. great place for garden dinner

ben's pavillion

mcdonald with assignments

last minute secret recipe

prince hotel dim sum

ben's pavillion

share with me other great places for berbuka!!! :)


beribadah dan bersyukur

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chapter 154


Although I'm not fashion design student but I'm a girl who loves nice clothes, bags, shoes and of course accessories as well. Fashion will not complete without those bracelets, necklace, earring, headbands, and many more right. I buy clothes based on the design and as well my pocket ( kalau kepala agong banyak mahal la kita beli, if not beli yg murah untuk lepaskan penyakit nk kena beli jugak tu je..hahahah )

If before I love Zara, Gaps, Topshop, Ralph Lauren and Miss Sixty for trousers because brand lain mesti xcukup panjang.. NOW I'm addicted with online shopping that is ASOS. It's an international online shopping that provides all kind of brands in one site. Easy for me to choose and compare actually. But Miss Sixty will always be my favourite brand for pants. Girls go go go and shop from this site because they will send the purchases directly in front of your doorsteps. :)

Right after buying, of course it is time to get into them. I love to read WHO WHAT WEAR site that will give you ideas for the current fashion and through fashion icons how the rack the clothes. Another site of course LOOKBOOK which is very helpful as it is more general in fashion. You can search fashion ideas that suits your attitude and of course climate.

Happy shopping and discover new fashion for yourself as everyone is beautiful in every shapes and colours.

Chapter 153

Another drink that makes me keep looking for it everyday is BUBBLE TEA!

Although it is not that healthy, but it is not that bad. As if you choose to drink the fruit juices added with the black pearl it is still good right.. The closest outlet that serve Bubble tea is in Alamanda Putrajaya as I'm studying in MMU Cyberjaya it will only takes me around 10minutes for me to get this heavenly made drink. My favourite will be Mango ice blended with the pearl in Little Taiwan. The kiosk is totally in front of Carrefour opposite Aunties Anne's. Another brand that I always visit for this drink is CoolBlog. Thanks to my lovely sister for introducing me this drink. Sayang nana!!! She is the best food commentator, as she never let me down even once. CoolBlog I will always wants the Blue Coral, Honey Dew, Chocolate, Vanilla Banana, and Lime Soursop. I introduce this drink to Ziera and she was so excited until nk buka outlet selling this drink..hhahaha. *semangat

Love you babe, Hope you are having a great time doing you Umrah and will be blessed. Have a safe journey home dear. Miss you already!! :)

Chapter 152

It has been ages I didn't write in here. I have so many things in my head what to write but I just don't have time for it. Today I want to share with everyone about this drink that really helpful for girls out there whose having problem as I did " PERUT BUNCIT ". Like seriously I put a lot of weight lately.

I have been drinking this everyday for the past 1 week. They have a challenge to drink it for 14 days and you will realize change to your tummy. For the first time, I'm admitting IT DOES REALLY WORK!!! hahahahahahah ( bangga sikit la )

Nampak la little bit smaller to my balloon. Now I won't get terapung anymore. :)
Everyone should try because after drinking this yogurt drink memang confirm kejar toilet. Routine ke toilet lebih lancar dan lawas. That's why you tummy will get slimmer kot. So I will continue drinking this delicious drink. I recommend Mixed Fruit flavour, memang sedaap sangat.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

chapter 151

why everything is so messed up? keeps coming in my head. Am I not needed anymore? or I'm just too blind to see a thing.
You said this would last forever but I doubt about it,
are we lost in time, are your love still the same?

my feeling are just too messed up. i don't know what to write, what I feel, what I want to express, what to do, I'm just lost.. lost in loving you so much because loving you drives me crazy!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Chapter 150

Happy ANNIVERSARY 1year 1month my dear Afiq!!!

I love you with all my heart,
love is in the air!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

benda gila yg buat aku senyum

it seems ages for the answer that he sent. but i dont know why I'm smiling reading this. Maybe just not sedap kan hati kau ni sendiri. Entah la!! Rasa nak nangis, mata da entah laa. But trying to make myself kuat.

Missing DIM SUM

Today my mom took Adlyana for Dim Sum in Johor Bharu since she's sending Nana to her school back. They had Dim Sum at Pan Pac JB. I miss dim sum, craving for them since last week. But I just don't have time to have them. I woke up early today as I can't sleep very well. I miss someone that is totally important in my life. I love him so much as no other one I can see besides him. I LOVE YOU!!

Hope I can have my dim sum this week. HOPEFULLY!!! Amin....

So today, I bake tiramisu cheesecake which turn to be quite good. It is my new recipe but I guess the cheesy taste is too strong. Tomorrow planning to try another new recipe that I found. Basically tiramisu again!!

He loves tiramisu so when I bake it I can feel close to him. As I still remember and knows about him although I'm not. Baking is the only thing that makes me busy. When I bake, he's the one who will taste and be my judge. He will give his comment and I will try to improve better. But for now, everything seems good for his tongue. Tomorrow I'll practice to do another tiramisu recipe so that when we are good together again, he'll get his first tiramisu from me. I bet that he'll get he best tiramisu in his life. :)

love you muhammad afiq hairollah!

Chapter 149

When I can't describe what I feel and I can't find the right word to say it, I prefer to write in by my own heart languange. That's how I call it. I describe everything and write everything straight from my heart.

Love me, my LOVE!

love me, love, come to me
leak of love, drown with it
thee one of me is yours
the other half is mine

such is mu love, to it i breath
love like sunshine after rain
gives me a better sunny day
i smile and you know, love
rain in me, love you cried

why i rain? afraid of thunders
shall strike and lose, lose
why i love? not about hereafter
makes earth blooms better, love

why chase for love?
asthought there is no tomorrow
time, time is delaying us
rushing not to get stranded

my heart will ever be your service
claims to be love
claims to be better
as my love never fades

-muhammad afiq muhammad hairollah -

i love you with all my heart, everytime you are around i feel like shooting stars

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chapter 148

Today is Friday April 8th , 8.14am

Here I'm admitting that I will let him go one day. And that one day won't be that long, I can feel it! I need to force myself of letting him go. I know that he don't feel the same like the way I feel for him. We can't force people to love us right. People change for some reasons too right. Same goes to us. At first I thought it is just another challenge that we need to go through but then I realise it is a challenge for me not for him. As I'm with him, he has to try to love me while he can't. While it's a challenge for me to understand him and myself so that I can learn to let him go.

I promise that I will let you go one day!

Just please let me have my time to see your smile cz I miss it so much

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Samsons-Kenangan Terindah

Lyrics Cascada Lyrics Everytime We Touch Lyrics" width="150" height="40" autostart="false" loop="true" />

Chapter 147

I feel LOST!!

Nothing else can describe my feeling now. I know I'm losing him and I know he's holding back. Nothing else I need now then having him back in my arm. I know it's impossible. I always dreamt so much until I forgot what real life is. My fantasy of Disney Princesses should end immediatly NOW!! My love for him is never be a dream. I love him so much, everything feels like shooting stars for me. I mean it that I love you so much. Nothing else I need in my life now other than you.

Kenangan Terindah with him was the most miracle thing have ever happend to me before. Here, I would like to say sorry to all of my ex-boyfriend before him that I'm admitting he's the BEST guy have ever enter my life before. No matter how adorable, patient, lovable you are. You would never imagine how better he is than you guys. Another thing is " No matter if you already have RM for duit hantaran as I always said before with a Copper ".. my advice to you is " Go and find someoene else because my heart own by someone else already and it is totally not YOU!!".

Lately, when I hangout with my friends they always wondering who gonna be married first and I will always say " I dah jumpa, tnggu la habis belajar then sampai la kad kahwin ". They was totally shock until my facebook ada yang cakap "myra da baik la now, da tau pikir nk kahwin". I know it's too soon for me to talk about this. Tapi bak kata orang tua-tua " perempuan bukan makin muda so if da jumpa jaga la elok2 "... but for me, I found him already but I xtau nk jaga until I lose his grab I jadi macam ni. My heart always says he's the one for me but I'm still useless until at this moment that I lose him. Now I know that no other person much better suits me. I know it's too late for me to turn back. I'm announcing here, that I will never be the old myra ( means school time ), or even the better myra but will be the Best myra in me starting from this second. I've made a lot of mistakes before and now I know how stupid I am at the age of 20. Things that I need to change in me so that the BEST myra will be.

- Be more loyal girl, always loyal
- No more naughty me ( flirting is not sexy but stupid )
- Know how to take care of other feeling ( not just to think about myself )
- No more drama ( drama queen is so last year myraaa )
- No more tears ( your tears is really annoying )
- No more tak cukup kain baju ( good girl must start with attire )
- Attitude more towards girl ( be more sensitive with surrounding )
- Adding more girl friends ( too much guy friends )
- Alert with malaysian culture ( not to take things for granted )
- Be a good student ( to be a good mother for my children )
- Set a good example for my family ( the best role model )
- Be MODERATE ( moderate is the best key )
- Slowly be a good Muslim ( be a good muslim on earth and life after )
- Cooking ( learn to cook variety of food )

I hope I can change myself slowly as I promise to myself and make my parent proud of me. Insyallah, tahun depan ajak papa n mama pegi umrah. And this time I da xnak nangis just not ready to for for umrah. I feel sorry for myself because I always did mistakes in my life and whenever it's too late to change I decided to change. I always complain that my life is hard but actually I'm the one whose making it hard. If I would not get him back, then I have to realise this is my biggest mistake that will haunt me all of my life. I need to change myself so that I won't cry like now after this. So that I'll be the perfect girl.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chapter 146

I need around RM600 to RM700 for concert on April.

- Maroon 5 concert
* I really need the ticket. I really need to go to the concert or I'll die. If I can I would like to buy ticket which let me sit on the stage with Adam ( he's freaking sexy ), but Amal, Fatin, Zou ( kiv ) are going for the RM288. I don't really care which area I'm seating as long I'm going to see Adam perform live!!!
I just love you so much dude.

- Justin Bieber concert
* I'm taking my 6 years old little sister to the concert because she's totally into Justin Bieber. She can memorize every single songs on Bieber's album. My little brother asking me to bring him to the concert too since he'll be left alone if I'm taking Adlyana to the concert. My maid even love Beiber so much, she even told me that she wants to go to the concert. But, whose confirm going is Shaz, Syaza, Fatin, Me and Adlyana. 5 of us are going to be Beiberlicious!!!! I need to save another RM 200 for the ticket by this weekend.

- Bruno Mars concert
* Haven't finalized my decision whether I'm going or not. This concert is on my KIV list if I got the money to go then I'll be there. The ticket price haven't released yet too and we'll see how it goes.

Conclusion, April will be a tight month for me. Papa surely gonna give me a looooong speech on it but because I'm asking for 3 concert in a month, almost on every weekends. But, I know papa will let me go because he's my dad!!!! hikhik. :)

Chapter 145

Last semester result was out already. Ok, not bad. Just this coming trimester I'm aiming for 3.5 and above.

Wish me luck!!!
I need another luck because my class starts at 8am EVERYDAY..... later I'll be a morning person which reaaaaalllyy morning person *winks

Btw, I'm having Islamic studies this semester. Hope for the best and be a better muslim :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Chapter 144

I love him so much!
I feel lost without him.

When you saw me hanging out with my cliques or going out for movies or anything that doesn't mean that I've recover from missing and loving you. Love doesn't come in a day so it doesn't go in a day as well.


Chapter 143

We decided to epair our relationship, but our choice turns the other way. Everything turn worst.

I'm sorry because I tertinggal my hp twice in my car today. But there's nothing fishy going on. First, I was in rush to carry all of my belonging to my room in hostel. I didn't realise that I miss it on car desk board. Once I realise it, I immediately run down and took it. Then I miss it once again inside shaniza's car and that time I was totally late for SRM event in MMU. I'm sorry!! Because of I'm late i ask shaniza and syaza to take my handphone and sent it to SRM room. I went to SRM rom for ZOOM SARAWAK event that will be having this may. This event is organize by Rakan Muda MMU, to help the unlucky kids in Sarawak by teaching them the importants of Information of Technology. They will be taught all the basic things about multimedia which will take us to a very rural area in Sarawak ( i mean jalan tanah merah ok ).

I'm really looking forwards for this event because I really want to challenge my capabilities. We never thought that how we will do for it until we try it. But, this matter ends my relationship to the end of nothing. He decided to end this thing because he felt like being left aside. I didnt spend lots of my time with him like before so I'm sorry. I'll try to be better next time if we still have the chance to be together. I just hope that he'll know that I never want to mix things up between my college life and him. He is always my priority just the point of view that I see in study is different before. I take things to easy and now I want to win this two matter between you and my studies but I lost you. I just thought I could be that person who can get both things that they want.

Your action of deleting me from your facebook might makes you happier. Good luck in your studies and the most inportant is your life.
xoxo, Love you!!!
muhammad afiq hairollah.

Chapter 142

My last post was on 8th Jan. I used to spend lots of time writing on my blog but lately I found another way of expressing my feelings and my thoughts. But I guess, my blog is still on my top list of favourite.

I broke up with him, I'm not suppose to spill this out here. He don't like my way of writing for public but actually this is for my own view. My story of life is not that catchy like those novels but I love every chapters that I've been through.

Our relationship ends because of me. I should be better for him if I really love him. I didn't realise that I'm not good enough because I always thought I'm in a safe zone already. I ignore his feeling on how I treat him. I keep thinking on how I treat him without thinking what he have done towards me.

Last week was my final exam week and I told him that I'll not mingling around with my friends but on last wednesday I obey my own words. I went to the Curve for meatball and Daim cake. I'm craving for them that day badly. Besides, I wanted to try another shop at subang ss15. I know I should give more priority to him than other things. Before that we already so cold when I decided to cut my hair short. Super short I meant! He wants me to keep my hair long but I refuse to listen for his command and I cut it short. He was mad with me and nothing else I can say than just "Sorry". I just want to give a shot of having short hair. Right after those incident, we fight a lot. All of the problems comes from me. I should try to listen more and follow him, give more time for him.

I'm sorry with my dress up, I should change. I just need more time. I'm still young, and i'm proud that my dressing da xmcm before. Before susah sgt nk npk i pkai long pants and long shirt. Now it neer been a problem for me. It just sometimes I feel like wearing it. I'm sorry. I bukan xnk pakai when I'm out with you. It's just bila we got out I takut jumpa ngn family or uncle or aunty u. Xmanis kan I pakai mcm tu jumpe org tua. itu je!!!

I'm sorry! I deserve to be dump. Stated right here, I've been dump. Now I know how it really feel like. I'm sorry but nothing else I want than you. We spend a lot of time together, I remember the week that everyday I came drop by to your house in Desa Vista and cook for lunch and dinner for you and your housemate. I love seeing you happy eating full plate of rice.

My mama always remind me " lelaki yg baik just for prempuan yg baik " so I should try to be better if I wants him. Besides, if I can't be him now maybe we'll be together later. Kalau ada jodoh, there's nothing to be worried kan. I know he's tooooo young to talk about those things. So many things that we want to achieve in life but early preparation makes a good target.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chapter 141

Hello geeks!!

been ages I didn't updated my blog, since then so many things came across that makes me feel wonderful.

new phone, which is not really new - months
new pet, green iguana which is not really new though
new lifestyle, more time with boyfie n friends
new job, cooking for him
celebrate 3 birthday person in a row - boyfie, aten and aten's boyfie
new year celebration at curve - 2 years in a row
bottles - kling kling kling!!!
what else ????

ehmmmm.... thats all i guess.
now, i spend more time being a good girl at home n college because i found that nothing else to do in KL. Everything had done before.