Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chapter 64

*Ghost Hunting*

Mya + Fatin = FCM Building

Fatin and I when to Seri Kembangan because I have to submit my PCA assignment by 8.00pm. I had printed my assignment but I left the table of content page unprinted. So i have to rush to Seri Kembangan area without any direction to any of printing shop and binding. Time shows 7.10pm. I'm not sure that I could make it by 8.00pm but I really try to. Then after printing and binding the assignment from shop to shop, we move back to MMU.

Once we reach MMU watch shows 8.05pm. We rush to FCM building.

Keluar from lift to level 2, GELAP GELITA.
MMU memang kedekut in paying current bill.
Ade ke patut the whole building from level 1 to 3 not even a single light being turn on

Bayangkan la both of us xnampak ape2 pun, just meraba2. Then we have to move to level 3 because lecturer is not in her room. So I decided to place the assignment in her pegion hole. Naik je kt level 3, sama je. Lagi la gelap. We can't even see the label on the pegion hole. We hav eto use handphone to have some light. Cuak gak la!! Da la tnggu lift quite long.

Proven we are strong and brave girls. hahahaha!!