Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chapter 62

I have been mourning since the day I lost someone that I really in love with. He changed because some other girl took his heart. I have never thought I'm gambling with his heart while being with him. I trusted him with all my heart because he say he need my trust. He said my trust is important for our relationship but at last, he betray my trust. I felt lost and totally scrap in his life. Just in few weeks he had someone else replacing my place.

We used to feel the love, but now its only memories,
I wish I could forget everything about you,
Now, you are further than me, and I miss you,
I've try so hard to look for your replacement,
But I can't give my heart to them.

What else I could say,
Thanks for making my 2009 being with you are the sweetest thing I had before. After 32 guys, you really changed me and make me realise the existance of
true love!

Although, the feeling doesn't come from your heart but I felt it with you.
I'm gonna miss you so much and still loving you.
I'm still can't give over my heart towards other guy
Good luck in your next relationship.
I'm sincere with this.

You said to me :
When we love someone, it doesn't mean that we have to be together. Seeing her happy makes us happy too

Now I'm saying :
It doesn't mean we are not together or keeping silent makes me happy. I try so hard to shine my day back, even when I'm having fun with my cliques you are still haunting me. But, I know you're happy with your love ones. Seeing you happy is the best chapter in my love story. Since we were couple till this day, nothing else I want rather than seeing you happy and I had never judged your love before because I trusted in you!