Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chapter 148

Today is Friday April 8th , 8.14am

Here I'm admitting that I will let him go one day. And that one day won't be that long, I can feel it! I need to force myself of letting him go. I know that he don't feel the same like the way I feel for him. We can't force people to love us right. People change for some reasons too right. Same goes to us. At first I thought it is just another challenge that we need to go through but then I realise it is a challenge for me not for him. As I'm with him, he has to try to love me while he can't. While it's a challenge for me to understand him and myself so that I can learn to let him go.

I promise that I will let you go one day!

Just please let me have my time to see your smile cz I miss it so much