Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chapter 54

No words in this world that can describe how deep my love, how much i need, and how hard i want to have you. I never felt this before. You make my life different. You change me and I'm glad for having you. Last night, after meeting you. I know I'm loving the right guy. What do I have now also never be regretted. I thought I'm strong but I'm not. I have never been so weak of a guy.

When I stalk you facebook and myspace, I'm hurt. I know I'm not in you. You will always be in me. Seeing you changing status from married to single, make me hurt. Deleting all of our picture make me missed those moments. Not wanting to meet me anymore just make me cry. When you told me that you're in love with someone else. I just know, she's replacing my place. Maybe I didn't realised who she is that is why I'm totally heart broken right now. Why for the last 2month and a half he's really determined to have me. Although I said that I'm afraid of hurting you in future. But you gave me trust to myself until you change me. Totally change me. First time in my life I felt love, I meant true love until I'm blind of it. Until I'm willing to do whatever for you. You make me promised not to leave you and love you till death apart us. That's what I'm doing before until now. Since the first second you're mine, no other guy have took my heart even for a second. Till now, I'm not letting that to happen.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chapter 53

I love you,
Yes i do.
Ill be with you aslong as you want me to,
Until the end of time.
From the day i met you i knew we'd be together.
And now i know i want to be with you forever, i want to marry you and i want to have
your kids.

Thinking can never compare to the feeling of your kisses.

I can say im truely happy till this day.
You make me thank god that i live my life every day.
Theres never been a doubt in my mind that id regret ever having you by my side.
But if the day comes that i have to let you go
I think theres something i should probably let you know,
Enjoyed everday that i spent with you and i will miss you cause im happy that i had
you at all.

Baby I love you and i'll never let you go
But if I have to boy I think that you should know
All the love we make can never be erased
And i promise you that you will never be replaced

I feel for you yes i do
I'll be with you as long as you want me to
Until the end of time

What you think I would say at this time?
when I face it that you dont love me no more
do you think i will curve you or say things to hurt you
cause you just don't love me no more

did you think i will hurt or hate you?
come on, you know me too well
and how could i hurt you darling i love you
and you know i could never want to hurt you

i do fall on my knees, kiss the ground you walk on
if that can make me hold you, if i could hold you back
let me hold you, and don't let me free

i'm gonna miss you, really miss you
can you see my tears for missing you
i'm down, i'm down on my knees,
what do you think i should do?
did you think i will let you go?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Chapter 52.

Why we go through this??

This is so hard to say, but I have to let go
what has been on my mind when you left me alone
It is not that I do not love you, because you know I do
but something has changed between me and you
We argue, we fight, we yell a lot more
and I just want to know What is the cause of our war
I do not want to loose you and I do not want to break up
but the fighting and yelling is just too much
Your love has kept me from breaking down
but us fighting is making it worse
I wish we could get back to the way it was
before the arguing and before the war
I want you to understand that I do not want it to be over
but the fighting we are doing has got to stop
So I am asking you please to think what could have happened
with all our love and all our trust
We need to find the answer before it is to late
Before our love is gone and our hearts break
So please help me find the reason for our fights and the reason
for our war
So we can find a solution before it is to late
I love you to death, but I just can not take the way we are now
compare to how it was back then
So until our love in back too usual
It may be best to back away some and take baby steps
Just think about what I am saying, and try to figure out
where we went wrong, and how to fix it now

~ this is for naqib esa. I do really love you and no one could compare you.

Chapter 52


today its over,
next day without you,
twenty four hour thinking
are we really have through,
you said that you love me
i'll always trust it's true

yet, i still laying and cry
because i miss you,
how could our love,
bring me to tears,
i honour our time together,
priceless and no dollar could pay us

heart so fragile, when it comes on you,
I stare at the abyss, needing to sleep,
rose are red, colour of my heart begs to bleed
Harden by your loss, I forbid to submit.

doubt, secrets and questionable behavior destroy
nothing could save as me and you
Questions left abundance, answers is not heard,
made undecided, forcing to say goodbye.

you are my ghost haunting me everytime
Wondering could everything last?
it scars your heart and soul…i'm sorry
No explanations needed… that is what I was told.

just now we were lovers, now we were friends
before we were in love,
but i will always wait

I love you with all my heart! please forgive me for everything had happened.
I am sorry!
Nothing else I could say, it seems nothing could change
once again, i love you and no one have encounter your place since the time i started to love you.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chapter 51

*9th December 2009*

mya + kipp + syaza + banie + shaz + rijal + FATEN =
Faten's Birthday Dinner!!

We had a surprised for Faten last night right at 12am. So tonight dinner was not suspected from her. We are going for dinner at Alamanda as usual. So we went to Pizza Hut because everyone was craving for pizza.But before that Faten and Shaz already inside Alamanda to buy few things then the others went to pizza hut to prepare for the surprise.

Once Faten steps into Pizza Hut, a white box appe
ar in front of her. She was totally surprised. When she
opened the box.
This is what she found.....SWEET KAN!!!

Then all of us pun pay dinner for her. Dia memang xsangka langsung because last night we've told her that we were totally broke unless of buying just a slice of cake for her. Tibe-tibe je dua kali celebrate birthday Faten.

On our way back to MMU, Faten whispered to all of us saying
"Thanks Myra", "Thanks Shaz", "Thanks Syaza", "Thanks Banie"...
We all love Faten so much..
Oooppsss, including that two Uniten boy ( KIPP + RIJAL )..
korang pun best la!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chapter 50


Align Center
mya + syaza + shaz + banie + kipp = HB3 4015 *MMU Cyberjaya*
We went to Alamanda putrajaya to meet my mom there. Then we were having our dinner at McD Alamanda. We took away because we wanted to celebrate Faten's birthday. While waiting for the clock tick to 12am, we study as usual. Konon-kononnye buat bodo jela. We went to Secret Recipe Cyberjaya. We told Faten taht we just bought a slice of cake and celebrate together inside my car. Kteorg pun dengan suara sedihnyer cakap yang kteorg pokai and xder duit nak celebrate birthday Faten. Just this slice yang kteorg mampu. Kteorg pun makan la ramai-ramai.

Just imagine, a slice of cake being shared by 5 people ( birthday cake ke camtu )???

About 11.57pm, Faten went to toilet then masa tu la bermula nyer kerja kteorg. We switch off the light and light up the cake using ezry's lighter. *THANKS EZRY FOR THE LIGHTER ( sanggup gy amek lighter for faten )*.

When she step into my room all of us sang happy birthday song. Banie and Kipp pulak wish through webbie.
So sweet la kawan-kawan I nie sume. Korang memang adorable!!!

That was the end of this chapter. The best part, I love my friends. They really do appreciate our friendship.

You all are the best chapter that had happen to me. I hope it won't last!

-myra mokhtar-



Chapter 49

*4th December 2009*

mya + syaza + shaz + faten + banie
+ kak nadia = PAVILION KL

We were too bored in MMU. So we decided to go Pavilion to shop. Banie was the one who wanted to shop actually. He wants to but Topman shoe ( the grey col
our ). Then he realised that to much people having the shoe already.

BANIE : Go and buy shoe at Pedro. Metro sikit! nampak
mahal..btw, tgh year end sale kn!!
Dalam mood nak teman Banie shopping, at last I and Faten yang membeli belah. Kteorg memang pantang jejak kaki kat mall, mesti je keluar duit. We bought a ballet flat at Cotton On together. 2 pcs for Rm60. I nak beli gladiator dekat cotton on for rm99 but bile pikirkan balik. better I beli my favourite brand that is Nine West or Charles and Keith
for that price. So I pun tak beli la!!!After shopping until kene halau dekat Pull and Bear for too teruja nk shopping we moved to GSC for movie.

Shaz and Faten wanted to watch NEW MOON but I've watched it on t
he 1st day it shown so I, Banie, Syaza, n Kak Nadia watched NINJA ASSASIN.

Right after that we wanted to go back to MMU but we stopped at the side of Pavilion because they were having FIFA CEREMONY 2010. So ramai la mamat handsome kat sana. best gak la cuci mata.hehehehhee!!! Crowd were superdly cool especially when a group of dancer starts dancing on the ground, they started to join the group together. As time goe
s, makin ramai yang join termasuk la mamat2 Arab with jubah dorg.
Best la!!!
Tak sangka Malaysian that sporting. Since I moved back here, that night it really changed my mind about malaysian. The new generation of Malaysian are sporting and more open minded than before. They learned to go with the flow.Now I started to love Malaysian more.

Chapter 48

*3rd December 2009*

I bought a shoe with a very minimal cost.
Could you imagine of buying a RM15 shoe???
damn cheap and quite adorable. So I just grab one since the size fits me. I bought it through online shop all this kind thingy.
The next day I thought of wearing it to class. I bought it to class because I love to wear pump shoes to class due to its comfort. Just by a few steps to class, the shoe has splits to two. So I have to walk back to room by holding the shoe. ahahhahahah!!!! cute gak la....

UNTIL NOW, I still didnt take the shoe to cobbler yet. Maybe later la...heheheheh

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chapter 47

*2nd December 2009*
mya + kipp + minor ( mik )

I'm studying in my room alone for physic midterm paper tomorrow. Then I had another fight with Kipp.

Gaduh gaduh gaduh n gaduh!!
That's all we can do..maybe thats what we are good at

I da penat nak gaduh but still gaduh, I can just ignore my feeling when I heard him calling his ex name while sleeping. This happend when I called him through his handphone last two nights at about 4.30am and I realised that he's sleep talking (mengigau). So I took the chance to make myself bloom la at first by asking a few question and it turns to nightmare when all the question being answered diffrently than what I thought and the best part is my name not being said even once. While nama orang lain yang dok keluar. SABAR JELA !! mls nk gaduh so buat bodoh jela..

But tonight it turns to a big issue when Mik sent me to clinic but not him. Dia terasa la pulak. I call nak mintak tolong hantar tp he's lepaking with his friend so I mls la nak kacau. I pun say ok la xpela. Then i kne mara coz Mik sent me to clinic. Entah la!!!Xpaham.....