Monday, January 25, 2010

Chapter 71


Biggest question mark in myself right now.
My BFF was saying that I'm just totally freak out and doesn't want to admit it that I'm in love with him back just because I just ended a relationship.She said that I don't want people to judged me as a unfaithful or constant lover. But, I deny it!! Because I'm not a kind of loser who will easily get in love back with some other guys while I'm still a month being single. I can love him (I know that) but I need to totally get him out of my mind first. I need more time to enjoy these moment and I won't let any guys to change my routine.
Meaning : I'm gonna be more independent, and I'm gonna live my life although with him or without him. Which I'm doing right now and quite OK. Trying to adapt of the "single" status.

After a day with mama, we went home quite early. I'm home about 6pm and immediately dive on my bed. Terlepas tdo until 7.15pm. I'm quite surprised to find that my phone was ringing, it was him. He told me that he'll be at my house about 8pm for dinner. Kelam kabut I mandi. As usual, I'm a simple girl with short, t-shirt and a beanie because I thought of going out for a simple dinner. When I met him in my living room, he asked me whether I remember anything today. I'm totally forgot. Today is the day he proposed me last few years before and we broke up on the same day. Sorry, I hope you know me well. I'm not really into all these dates.. :) winks

So I went back to change. He took me to a restaurant that really cozy surrounded by trees and scenery of a golf course. Food are incredible with limited customers make it a proper place to talk about our past. BUT, I decided not to eat there because he propose me there and we ended our relationship there too.

So, I decided to eat McD. Kelakar jugak la!! I dengan innocent and he's really smart makan McD. MYRA TOTALLY CRAZY!!! that's the first thing out from his mouth. Tapi dia ikutkan jugak. The best thing, we took away the food which we bought at Masjid Jamek McD and drove to Dataran Merdeka. We picnic there. We have done this before while we are still together. Can you imagine mat rempit and ada some families walk by tgk kteorg makan dekat padang dataran tu beralaskan surat khabar..Comel jugak la!! I always nak makan, tengok bintang and baring atas rumput yaang best sambil cerita about ourself dengan orang tersayang. I nak baring tepi pantai ke smabil dengar the waves, must be sweet. KL mana nak dapat semua tu. So we went to Dataran Merdeka la!!!hahahaha.
My future BF has to be that crazy so that we can live our life together, enjoy ever moment while young!! Malas nk bertatatertib sgt da lepas nie.

Then we to his parents house in Shah Alam. Balik sana just to play with water.Nak balik Bangi tapi xde pool..haha.
"gila betul la budak2 nie, nanti demam baru tau kamu semua ini" kata bibik nya kepada kami.

His parents are in Perth so tinggal bibik je dekat umah. Da puas lari2 satu rumah with paip air yg hose panjang gila kteorg terjun dalam pool. I wore a dress and I yang pandai just terjun. Luckilly, tak ternaik dress.hahha.. But, best la. Keluar je pool we are freezing because too windy macam nak hujan. Bibik bagi towel and my favourite hot chocolate Cadbury 3in1 each one for us but we decided not to dry ourself. Nak basah2 masuk kereta pasang air-cond max..hahhaha..menggigil I tapi try buat2 Ok je. hahaha. Xnak kalah kan..:)

Tula kerja2 budak2 yang terlalu bosan. When we are together, we usually do those stuff and he always give me surprises which makes our relationship so strong and unbreakable until destiny break us apart. When he moved to Perth, time, and everything makes us apart. Tak sedar, we are losing each other. A rules of having another partner for each other just to make us happy in where we are makes everything worst. Now maturity makes me realised we can't go against the fate. We just have to do it right and go with the flow!!