Monday, January 25, 2010

Chapter 70

Mama and My Day!!

I'm totally tired today but I can't stop smiling because so many things happened today. I went to Ampang in the morning right after fetch him from KLIA. He directly went back to Shah Alam. Today was my day with my beloved mom. We went to look for new curtain. We went to Janine for table lamp. Then we went to Pavilion. I wanted to look for my i-touch skin, the Paul Frank Design. But everywhere I couldn't find it.

But, I'm looking for the one in pink with heart shape all over it!!
Every 'Machine' outlet will tell me the same thing...OUT OF STOCK!!

Me, mama n my grandma went to Pavilion but we bought things that we have no intention to buy at all. Mama bought Michael Kors and Armani watch. Tamak gila!!! Then, we went to Jaspal. GUESS WHAT..I bought a leather jacket in brown there. Superbly Awesome!!! Then mama wanted to buy cufflink at Raoul but end up with some other shirt and my high waist slack..
I just love it when girls do the shopping!!

My intention was to buy a handbag but I couldn't find one there so we drove to KLCC. Unfortunately there's no one for me there too!!! But I'm most likely love a Desigual or the Miss Sixty handbags. Of course I love the Miss Sixty better. Right after that, we went to McD for prosperity burger...Damn pedas sgt!! Menangis while eating it.