Friday, January 29, 2010

Chapter 72

*27th January 2010*

Mya + Izzul + K + Ben + Awis + Hani + #$%^ = MIST, Bangsar

I'm freaking boring staying at home for this whole week since it is my semester break. Every night I went for dinner with him. On tuesday night, K called me and asked if I would like to join them to Mist. In my first thought, I'm not going because I've promised him to go for dinner as usual. But when I asked him, he said just go and we are going for early dinner instead. So we went for dinner and I rushed back to meet them. So we went to Ampang to fetch Ben's friends and then to Mist. Everything being planned was quite screwed up but we still gonna rock the night. Paying RM10 for the parking ticket and had fun in there.

My opinion about Mist :
OK LA!!!!
(but, I'm not going there anymore)
To Ezry : Apa yang best sgt Mist er??? Maybe I xperasan.

No matter what happened that night, I'm still happy and enjoy for having friends like you all.
Moments that unforgettable!!!

After that, we sent those girls back home and then they sent me back too. On our way back. K and I were talking about our experience about ghost and everything. Do you believe in ghost??
Then I overslept till 3pm which supposedly has to attend a doctor appointment.

28th January 2010 : NO BRACES ALREADY!!!