Monday, July 27, 2009

Night at Putrajaya

aziee enjoying the fresh air
i'm the driver

We went to Mydin, Alamanda to buy a study table for our room. And I'm the driver to drive there. m y a + aziee + faten + shaz + shaza + banie = MMU cliques...mmg kami nie xreti nk dok bilik mlm2..kne ikat kaki sorg2 kt kaki katil barulah xkuar kowt..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

girls day out!!!

Today FOE and FIT students ader calculus exam. I have no idea I answered in the paper,my marks gonna be " AWESOME " trust me...hahahha.. The exam start in the morning n by noon we make a move to the Curve Damansara. ( m y a + aziee + faten + shaz + lisa = girls day out ). At first thought, it is supposed to be a window shopping trip after teh *tuuuuuut* calculus paper, but it went the other way round when faten shops like crazy. She spends alot on that kaye kn...=) gile sakan la kteorg shopping. If we left Faten at Curve, im pretty sure she'll be glad for it.

lunch at Little Penang..lapar sgt2 dat time..we were their last customer

Merayau while spending money kt Curve Bazaar is the best thing to do. We manage to find cheap but really nice thingy there. Really satisfied with what we bought.
silver necklace : RM25
tube dress : RM60
pleat shirt : RM39
retro t-shirt : RM35
cardigan : RM71

shades addicts

mya turns to tudung girl..i really look devout!!!hahahha

we love each other soooo u aziee

Right after the curve, we sent aziee to her aunt's house in subang jaya because she has a family wedding ceremony at night. After that we got to Pavilion to shop. but I kne marah ngn acun cz zul has reserved place for us at rooftop. So we rushed there to meet them. terkubur la hasrat nk shopping.....
We went tp forever 21. We tried all sorts of gak ar. But then the guys da suruh dtg rooftop.

mat : korg gy Forever 21 tu, forever and ever ke kt sane?? ( die mara cz they wait for us outside forever 21 for quite some while )

N lastly we went to Pelita KLCC for dinner..we were too broke that nite to have dinner at the other places. But mamak is still the best choice...hahha.. n we were so impress kt Pelita's cashier..he count really fast n muka serious je buat keje..we salute la u mamak... =)
on our way back to MMU, i mmg ngantuk n penat i drove damn slow..every vehicles even the bikes pun overtake i...gile heaven that day..

anyone wanna join our collegues,please ask for members registration form..