Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chapter 60

After so many weeks be in mourning of breaking up with a guy who are just playing a girl heart. I decided to live my life as what he did. He enjoy his life and not being responsible for everything that happened so do I. I'm gonna make my life more meaning full than with him. Being with him is just the biggest mistakes I've made because he's not truely love me. He's just an actor whose pretending to love someone. A pathetic like him doesn't deserve me because he just deserve sluts and bitches along the streets. Maybe one day he will learn the lesson by being such a loser and just a guy with a dick but doesn't really know how to use it properly.

I'm just thankful because I knew the real him earlier than later. So now I'm single and gonna live my life meaningfully and useful.

You are just a normal guys that I met since school time who are pretenders who try to be someone they are not. All this happened because of wrong friends and influence to the bad side. He wants to be cool and do more sins. So go to hell la babe if you want to live your life with sins. Just try to ask for forgiveness from the god for your sins of not obey to his rules because I believe god always give chances to their weak ones. But you are not going to get my pardon for making my life miserable and you know what you have done. Until you realise and be a matured guy and know to differentiate between the good and the bad, maybe I'll forgive you. For know I still not gonna forgive you unless you give back what is mine.

Me and my friends went to Alamanda for AVATAR. Gila la bosan punya cerita. Watching that movie makes me a full time boredom. Menguap tak ter
kira banyaknyer!!!