Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chapter 66

MY BAD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aaarrrgghhh, what is my fault...yelling, screaming and crying. Today its full of those things.

Sabar jela, itulah dugaan tuhan kepada hambanya. That's all I can say. Nothing good turn out today, I have no idea why its all happening on the same day.
Fatin said " Myra beran...gan (berangan) banyak sgt". Entah la!!! Thinking to much maybe.

Everything starts from the clock ticks to 12am. Everything go upside down already.

My backbone are killing me. Maybe because of those thingy, this is the effect. REALLY DAMN HURT!!! I just felt like going back home last night. I just need my mom!!! But, since today morning I have Physic paper to attend I try to be strong. But, I can feel the pain like being screwed.

I woke up late for Physic paper this morning which make me clumsy and unorganised. Tunggang langgang dibuatnya!!! Mandi pun cam entah la!! no comment.

Since, I woke up late. I drove to MPH (exam hall). Once I reached there, the parking area was closed because they gonna use the parking bays for shooting. Masa ni la nak shooting menda!! I have to parked further down from the hall.

I parked my car was quite a distance, so I'm totally late for exam. I masuk je exam hall, everyone was there. Trying to be cool lg.

The time I want to start writing, my pencil buat hal. Luckilly I have extra pencil in my bag. So I went to my bag for the pencil. Opps lupe, I have to walk to my bag a few times just because of those thing. I forgot to take my Id card la and etc. CLUMSY!!!

That's how my story starts. My calculator was in my room. Menangis jela tgk paper tu!!! Seriously, I cry!! I ask the lecturer for permission for me to borrow anyone outside the hall. But he don't allow me. FRUST SGT!!! So I cry. My answers everything is not fully done. Ways to get the answers ada, tp jawapan xda. Gila kan!! Imagine I know this question badly and carries 4 mark. It need to use sin rule. I nak tekan celak mane lak sin nyer. Yang radiaoctivity, I nak tekan 'e' sign mane lak..memang nangis la

Then I rushed to exam unit because the dateline to submit MUET form is today. I went out from a junction without brake and main jalan je. nearly nak langgar this one kelisa. SORRY BABE!!! Fatin bising gak la. I mengelamun and too much thinking I think.

After tense of doing physic without calculator. We went to Old Town for lunch. i ordered chicken chop. Xsedap!!!! The gravy are so big no no no. Damn fucking sweet!!! LAPAAR PUNYA PASAL, bedal jela!!! tp xabis pun

MMU parking bays are limited, so usually if I can't have parking right infront my block. I'll park somewhere behing the hb3 foodourt. Sampai je, that area was full too. So I have to turn back and parked at surau. So I have to walk to my block. ehmm..

So that's how my bad day ends. Now dekat dalam bilik. I thought of going to library to study. But I'm trauma to go out for today. I'm going to stay all day long inside my room..
Hoping for better day tomorrow!!!