Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chapter 128

No matter what people say about us. I love him so much


Chapter 127

After a very tiring week last week and weekends, this week I had a new project.
Still my cooking lesson!!
Last week I've been challenge by my mom tp prepare all the food for our Open House 2010 from drinks, food to dessert. It's quite a tough things to do because my mom doesn't want me to cook any western food but basicly Hari Raya diahes like rendang, kuah kacang and many more. The only exception are for lemang, satay and kuah lodeh because I don't hve time to cook kuah lodeh. It's so enjoying because I can improve my cooking skills to Malay food. And I manage to do it with 5 stars!! hikhik
This week project is to bake pizza and today I've done it.
Good job Myra!!!
Tomorrow starts a new job that is baking cream puff, the duration to do it by tomorrow or the day after.
Wish me luck!!
Then I'll update what happen to my cream puff.... :)
* Then another one is to learn another recipe or technique on how to make carbonara. My friend who taught me to cook carbonara before came with a new recipe and to be told that it is much more better than last time.

Chapter 126

Diffrence in Me??

Within a year I couldn't see a major different in me except for those coloured hair and curl hair. The other things seems the same



Still the same me!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chapter 125

Open house 2010
thanks to all my friends!!
Hope there will be raya next year with all of you too and my lovable afiq
*Here, let me say it once more. Most of the food I'm the one who cook it!!! If sedap jgn malu2 to tell me, but if xsedap xyah cakap la

Chapter 124

I've been too busy lately until I don't even have time to update my blog. I even didn't log to my facebook lately. When people said, what am I busy with. I just can say that I'm too busy with nothing.
But, my life lately is effing awesome. I love the life that I had now. I can even change my course. Thanks papa!!!
Engineering is no longer my soul. I hate it. I just hope my journey in mangement will be better.
Since the last time I update this blog, I had a wonderful time with everyone. I celebrate raya on bed... i mean really on bed due to fever and shivers. Luckily I still manage to get lots of duit raya..hehehehe but at the end I spend all of it on nothing again. Apeng told me that I'm a total spender. I spend on everything that I need and I don't even need but most of teh time on things that I have thousand of it in my closet.
Nothing to say but THAT IS JUST ME!!!
After raya I did lots of other things too. We went to Jonker Street, being a homeless girl again ( i miss those jobless, homeless time). I just love to live like a normal girl having normal life and normal things. No matter what, I love my life and I'm thankful for this blessed life.
Oh my coach!!! (my mom love to say it lately)
* mom, u'r getting annoyed

Friday, September 3, 2010


please be stronger!!!
you're stronger than this my dear

crying won't solve any problem

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chapter 123

I'm making a statement right here that

Yes, I know that not many could trust me with this statement because we used to be together before. But it's already been a year for us being friend and 8 months and a day breaking of with him. So, please stop making your own assumption regarding our friendship. We are just being friends like others because I doesn't mean that if we broke up, we have to end our friendship too. If that is the case, it's better for us just to be friend forever and ever.

I admit that I used to be love drunk with him but everything is over. The words loving you forever is totally over forever.
Mark my words

So I hope that there will be no one being hurt just by seeing a picture of us together at his facebook. Btw, the picture is located in his best buddies album. It's proven that nothing is going on between us. Whether you want to believe it or not its all depending on you. I've done my duty explaining my part. So, just stop doing any stupid action by crying or anything whenever you know that we are being friends back.

I'm hoping that everyone can take a baby steps not to hate people on how you think they are. We are FRIENDS and I don't see any reasons that friendship will ruin my or his life. So, stop disturbing my life saying that Kipp is yours or he flirt with you so he is yours. Or anything. Because I don't care, I just beg on the person I've been talking about just to stop doing all that. It will not make any different. You think he flirts you and you think he's yours, so just concentrate on how to win his heart more than thinking about me.

You want him, work for him.
You need him, be with him.
You like him, show him.
You love him, just tell him.
( This is all I can say for you to get him )