Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chapter 69

He went back to see his parents on Friday and tomorrow he's coming back.
Totally freak me out!!!

He just called me saying he bought a ticket back to KL and will be here tomorrow by 8am. Hehe!!! Before he went, he told me that he's going back maybe for a week since he's on semester break for 2weeks. I told him that I'm gonna miss him because he usually there for me to cry on.

Phone call that makes me stay awake =>
Me : "Why are you in rush to come back here?? Don't you missed your parents?? Don't you should stay there longer??"
He : "I missed something else in KL, and keep thinking about IT"
First thing across my mind is he's thinking about his car (from the word IT he used)
Me : "So you can feel it?? I'm sorry, I didn't meant it. I terlanggar divider dekat jalan
tu. Sleepy maybe!! Thats make you coming back right" (with regret intonation)
He : "You drove it??"
Me : "YES, I'M SORRY!!!!"
He : "No, are you ok?? Da gi jumpa doct?? Tomorrow you don't even drive. REST, JANGAN NGADA2 NAK KELUAR!! But, anything bad??
Me : (Laugh as loud as I can)
"I'm joking. I took really good care of it. So, what makes you coming back early,
you cakap rindu mummy??"
He : Memang la I missed mummy but I miss you more naughty girl, myra!! Dekat
sana mana I nak dapat girl yang 24hours naughty macam ni, always nak kena
kan I.

I 'm smiling non-stop that time. Kalau nak diukurkan pakai ruler 15cm mesti I smile longer. He really makes me smile again!!
But why I still can't give my heart to him.
I'm trying and I know I will love you back one day dear!!
You try so hard and I'm trying to love you harder.

I thought of sleeping early today but now the clock shows 3.25am already. I can't close my eyes. Xsabar nye nk gy pick him tomorrow!! After pick him,

I'm going for SHOPPING with mama!!!!

I invite him to join but he has to go back. Xpela, maybe he's tired nanti!! Rest tau, nanti baru kita boleh buat keja2 gila.hehehe