Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chapter 28 *final exam*

This is my final exam week. It keep haunting me since last week, and finally here it comes.. Gle la.. I have no idea at all about what am I going to write on those exam paper.
So Im a little bit busy..
Konon nyer la!!!hahahha
During this busy week, I have no idea why suddenly I missed him so much. The feeling comes without invitation. It makes me wondering why I still missed him although he hurts me. But infacts, I hurt him more than he hurts me.
Im sorry afiq!!
I just can say sorry, if it's because of me you stop believing in girls
Eventhough I lied to you, I have never thought of cheating on you.
Although I hurt you, I just dont want to hurt you.
Sorry when I cried, shout, and just hang over the phone on you. I just didnt mean to do it to you.
Im sorry when you need me, Im not there for you.
(I always want to be there with you but whenever I want to be there, there will always have someone else with you)
I just jealous and felt unsecured when you gave priority to your friends than me. So I spend more time with my friends but you're not comfortable with that.
Sorry because I never listen on you.
For all the moment we spent together before, I realised that we just not meant to be together because I will not get your trust on me forever. I hope you understand why I lie on you. I just felt like Im losing from your arms. The more I tried to close with you, the more circumstances. Thanks afiq!!! I wish you the best in life, and good luck with your studies. I hope you can trust me for the last time that, when Im with you after months, and I said nothing going on between me and Nash I meant it. But, I'm sorry for lying on you on the day we couple about me and him.
I have no idea why I did this. I just missed the moment we spent, although it's not much!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chapter 27 *2nd raya*

*21st September 2009*

mya's family + shasha's family

We went back to our kampung in Malacca. All of my cousins were there, it makes me feel like before. Time da besar nie kteorg da xbrape hangout together. We don't slept each other house anymore.
Rindu jugak la that time!!

We went to my moyang's house. Baru la feel nk raya!! Then we planned to go to Bandar Melaka

( me + my cousins + siblings = fave place to lepaking )

On that day, macam plan je when all of us wears green baju. termasuk la aunty n uncle i except for my parents. We are supposely went to my nenek sedara house nearby but we were too tired so we made a plan. We move there earlier than our parents and we told them that the house was lock and no one is there.hahahha..then we move back and then we went to Bandar Melaka.

Malacca here I come!!

Chapter 26 *Raya*

*2oth September 2009*

mya's family

This is the second year for me to celebrate raya in KL. All of my cousins are not happy with my grandma's decicion to celebrate here. But we have to consider because my grandma is not very well so we plan to go back to Malacca on the 2nd day of raya while to Johor on the next sunday. 1st day we went to Klang (shasha's house n to my dad's families). This year made me fell grow up when shasha starts giving 'duit raya' already.hahaha..

byk 2 duit raya from u. (next year tambah lagi tau)

Morning of raya, I celebrate at my house right after that we went to Shasha's house in Klang. Then we went to my dad's side around Klang. Da la panas sesangat on that day!!!Tapi best la coz i still boleh dapat duit raya.. hehehe

At night I went back to Shasha's house. N I still leh main bunga api. Ape lagi meletop2 la.

The best part, kteorg main until neighbours alarm house rang and even cars alarm pun bunyi. Brape banyak rumah n kereta bunyi.hahaha..When it rang lagi bertambah2 la tanduk kteorg sume. Lagi la kteorg syok nk biar bunyi je. When it turn silent, we make it rang again again again n again.

That is my story for the first day of raya!!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Chapter 25

*13th September 2009*
mya + kipp + aziee
Yesterday night, while shisha *3 of us we play a GAME OF TRUTH which reveals everyones secrets. Berpeluh-peluh gak la i nak jawab their questions towards me. 1st question toward me, already makes me @#$^^$# by Aziee. Thanks Aziee for the question , you make me think about it. Time sweating to answer those question , sempat gak i blushing ble Kipp told me and Aziee the truth about his feeling towards me. *winks* blushing sampai xleh cover da.
Those things was recorded by Aziee. Nanti la ye kite sama2 nantikan video tu sementara Aziee nk upload kan.
This game let me knew what he felt towards me and....
kipp : I nak myra
myra : Nak myra watpe??
kipp : Nak myra jadi my girlfriend, special girlfriend. Tp now too early, yela korg pun tau kan kteorg baru kenal 3minggu je kan.
myra : Tau xpe. U rase u kenal I ke and you xnyesal ke?
kipp : Tu la pasal I nak kenal you lebih dalam lagi and mcm Aziee cakap, feelings tu xleh nak stop. It comes when it comes.
And mcm2 lagi la..bla bla bla bla
I'm speechless
Honestly, this game was not being planned. It happened when we were too bored shisha, lagi2 ble bro 2 belanja kteorg shisha another tong.
On that night, I also buat pengakuan berani mati. Telling Kipp the truth that Im not a really good girlfriend because Im not as good as what he think.
I need a boyfriend that really concern and spend 100% time, effort and his heart towards me. hehehe!!!
I think Kipp is a really nice guy which I can click with him just in a few days. He's a nice friend, hope jangan la now je baik nanti da lame2 reveal the truth side of him. Hope xla er!!

Chapter 24

*13th September 2009*

kipp +mya = Bukit Bintang

Yesterday, Naqib Esa kidnaped me to Bukit Bintang. Kononnye, kne tebus balik his fault for leaving me at home on last saturday when everyone went to rooftop. We went there just for a few hours je. Kipp took me there to look for my raya shoe n handbag. Unfortunately, the handbag that i want was out of stock already. Waaaaawaaaaa!!!!

The bag that i want da abes, and the shoe from MISS SIXTY yang i nk pun da abes.

Aaaarrrggghhh!!!! SERIOUS BENGGANG.. TheMiss Sixty shoe that i want abes da dekat semua Miss Sixty boutique.
Dengan harapan ader la dekat Pavilion,
Kipp dapat la tgk muke I yang superb sedih..

After those losses, I still need to raya although without the shoe and handbag, ( muka terlalu la sedih ) so i decided to look for other shoe. I really admired a GUESS shoe "new arrival' but Kipp said it's too much spending on a shoe for RM 359.00. So i pun dengar la ckp dia, da i shopping dengan dia kn.

So I move on with my mission for raya shoe, at last I found a shoe at Charles & Keith. OK la!! Not bad..But I still think the MISS SIXTY shoe the best la.


Then we thought of break fast at Kg. Baru but damn crowded. So we turn back and finally to our favourite place that is McD at Seri Kembangan. We have the buka puase value meal and went to Dataran Putrajaya but no parking for us so we went tu Cyberjaya. Thought of shisha but I nk ajak Aziee, so we have to wait for Aziee from 11.15pm to 12.40am infront of MMU. Righta fter she appear we moved to JS MAJU for shisha. Sedap la shisha situ n abg 2 blanje kteorg another tong of shisha. THANKS!!!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Chapter 23

12th September 2009
Benggang betul la.
Aziee + Kipp + Rijal + Ashriq + Faten = rooftop Bukit Bintang.
They went there without telling me.
ATTENTION TO KIPP - sampai ati u xajak i..
At least informed la kt I. Nk SHISHA..
( sedih because kene tinggal oleh orang yang tersayang )
Sedih2 kene tinggal 2, I made another plan just to cheer me up.
I tried my luck to call Mikael ( my BFF since 2003, couple from 2003 - 2004, ) after that we were still BFF and no one can change our relationship about that. I miss him when he moved back to Singapore since his dad ask him to be with her mother there. Ada la about 7bln xjumpe die. MISS YOU BABE!!! Then he said he's at Kajang (aunt house). Tanpa melengah kn masa, I mintak la Mik amek I. Now I'm waiting for him to fetch me because I malas nk drive to meet him. dpt la naek bike die..hehehe. This is the part where I like the most. But I have no idea where we are going later. Belasah jela!! I rather go out then sleeping or being jobless with my lappie..
ok la, GTG.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chapter 22

*11th September 2009*
HB3 3012 - Multimedia University,Cyberjaya

When the time reaching 12am, all of my roommate will start searching for food. Sedih nyer!! Tp inilah lumrah kehidupan kami sebagai pelajar di MMU ini. Then i nampak ader tuna but without mayo, so I drive to cyberia with faten and shaz. Absolutely dgn baju tido la kami bertiga ( Aziee tinggal cz too busy editting pictures-thanks to Aziee 4 the cutest pictures ever )

I went to the supermarket alone because Faten and Shaz waiting for me inside my car since there were no parking. I masuk je kedai directly to the drinks area, and there's this one negro guy entah la ape name dia n dari mane pun I xdgr sgt. Suddenly, dia tegur I and nak number telephone I amenda la. Body dia gile la besar n tinggi, TAKUT gle!!! And he kept following me when I try 2 escape from him. At last, I gave my maxis number yang I da hilang 2..ahahahaa!!!
Last week da kene ngan negro from LimKokWing yang menggatal dlm kereta, nie MMU lak!! chek xphm la!!
I have a confession to make
" I'm not interested to any negro guy - so please do not approach me coz all of your trick, I just already know! "
The 4 starving hot chix pun masuk la bilik n buat tuna...
ooooppppsss!!! dorg menunggu je sandwich siap, I yang kne buat.

Kenyang la my roommate sume!!!

Chapter 21

So this is it
The final curtain call
My time here is over
I wish it was for good
This is goodbye
The final wave of hand
I wish... I had the nerve
To say that
I'm never coming back
It was a fightI cried myself to sleep
For so many nights,
I can't believe
That I've grown to be a boy
With nothing to my name
Except a guitar and no one else to blame
But I hope you know
I try... Hope you know
I try, to become a better man
I hope you know
I never meant to hurt you
Never meant to make you cry
I hope you know
I try... Hope you know
I try, to become a better man
But with you in my life,
I don't think... I ever can.
The roadway is waiting
And I'm stuck debating
If I ever want to see you again
Cause I've grown numb
This city means nothing without the love we used to have
And this is goodbye
The final wave of hand
I wish I had the nerve
To say that I'm never coming back again
Yeah, again
But I hope you know
I try... Hope you know
I try, to become a better man
I hope you know
I never meant to hurt you
Never meant to make you cry
I hope you know
I try... Hope you know
I try, to become a better man
But with you in my life,
I don't think... I ever can,I ever can.
Oh I hope you know
I try... Hope you know
I try, to become a better man
I hope you know
I never meant to hurt you
Never meant to make you cry
I hope you know
I try... Hope you know
I try, to become a better man
But with you in my life, I don't think I ever can.
THANKS Kipp!!!!

Chapter 20

9th September 2009 - 1oth September 2009

mya + aziee + kipp + rijal

Everynight the four of us will not stay at room because we have a disease of

' kutu embun '

Aziee and I (MMU students) while Kipp and Rijal ( UNITEN students),

mmg akan bersepah-sepah around Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Seksyen 15 Bangi, Kg Baru, Rooftop Bukit Bintang and Pavilion. Minyak kereta mya and kipp la yang akan kering....

Last night we decided to hangout at Bangi Kopitiam (seksyen 9-if im not mistaken) because Aziee and I have to do our Physic Lab report. Malas nk buat dlm bilik, so kteorg pun kuar la. We were there from 10.30pm to 12.40am (until kedai da tutup la ) then we move to McD Bangi near Plaza PKNS. Imagine we stay there from 12.40am till 5.15am.

Kipp lets us watch

Testico (a tv series),

a really stupid movie that makes my night full of laugh.

Gelak sampai xingat dunia la...sorry to the other customers if bising..hehehe

Then we took pictures using Rijal's webbie..We really adore to be infront of camera!!

Naqib Esa (aka Kipp) buat keje GLE when he sang 'TRY from Jesse Barera' song for me!!

Entah la betul ke tak, tp I mmg blur until nothing i can do or say - speechless. He's such a sweet guy..SERIOUSLY no jokes bout this.

This video prove that i mmg ngek ngok la. Just nothing.hahahha

Chapter 19

8th Sptember 2009

mya + aziee + kipp + rijal

Merdeka time. Slr camera tibe2 jd ngek ngok. I have no idea why this could happen. Puas pegi everyshop at Low Yat Plaza for memory recovery but luck is not at our side until yesterday we went to Sg Wang, n tbe2 i cm tergerak hati to ask this one shop. I and Aziee was just trying our luck again. The guy mmg 'lengchai' la maybe that is the reason why he manage to recover the memory card.

myra manyak sayang sama u...mmmmmmmuuaah

I and Aziee seronok sesangat when we got the picture. At first, lengchai 2 gave us a devastated look. So we thought we still can't get the picture but suddenly he pull out a disk and insert it to a lapptop where we can see our face in it..



I have no idea why this could happen, pale i benggong kot. Today was my tiring day when i ahve my dentist appointment, gy Pertama Complex utk pendek kn my 'MISS SIXTY' jeans. Mcm-mcm la..penat da nk tulis,nnti korg bce pun penat gak. =)

my REMPIT looks.

nie kes bosan yang terAmat when Rijal and Aziee tinggal kn sorg2 dgn Kipp yang sedang dipotong rambut.