Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chapter 146

I need around RM600 to RM700 for concert on April.

- Maroon 5 concert
* I really need the ticket. I really need to go to the concert or I'll die. If I can I would like to buy ticket which let me sit on the stage with Adam ( he's freaking sexy ), but Amal, Fatin, Zou ( kiv ) are going for the RM288. I don't really care which area I'm seating as long I'm going to see Adam perform live!!!
I just love you so much dude.

- Justin Bieber concert
* I'm taking my 6 years old little sister to the concert because she's totally into Justin Bieber. She can memorize every single songs on Bieber's album. My little brother asking me to bring him to the concert too since he'll be left alone if I'm taking Adlyana to the concert. My maid even love Beiber so much, she even told me that she wants to go to the concert. But, whose confirm going is Shaz, Syaza, Fatin, Me and Adlyana. 5 of us are going to be Beiberlicious!!!! I need to save another RM 200 for the ticket by this weekend.

- Bruno Mars concert
* Haven't finalized my decision whether I'm going or not. This concert is on my KIV list if I got the money to go then I'll be there. The ticket price haven't released yet too and we'll see how it goes.

Conclusion, April will be a tight month for me. Papa surely gonna give me a looooong speech on it but because I'm asking for 3 concert in a month, almost on every weekends. But, I know papa will let me go because he's my dad!!!! hikhik. :)

Chapter 145

Last semester result was out already. Ok, not bad. Just this coming trimester I'm aiming for 3.5 and above.

Wish me luck!!!
I need another luck because my class starts at 8am EVERYDAY..... later I'll be a morning person which reaaaaalllyy morning person *winks

Btw, I'm having Islamic studies this semester. Hope for the best and be a better muslim :)