Monday, August 31, 2009

Chapter 18

Dygta : Tak mungkin ku melepaskan mu

Mengartikan dirimu di dalam hatiku
Betapa kusesali adanya dirimu
Haruskah ku bertahan demi cinta ini
Yang tak mungkin
Andaikan saja ada keteduhan hati
'Tuk membuka kembali jalan cinta ini
Biarkan ku menanti semua janji kita
Sampai batas waktu mengakhiri
Dan tak mungkin untuk kita bersama
Di atas perbedaan yang s'lamanya mengingkari
Dan tak mungkin bila ku melepasmu
Sungguh hati tak mampu mengertilah cintaku
(percayalah cintaku)
Dan tak mungkin (apa mungkin)
Semestinya tak ada yang memisahkan
Cinta ini kar'na hanya dirimu satu cintaku
Aziee - ^ saya xtau ape makna ini sebenarnyer ^

Chapter 17

*31st August 2009*
mya + aziee + kipp + syaza + banie + faten + ashriq + rijal =

We plan to go to Sky Bar, Traders Hotel KL. They have absolutely gorgeous and satisfying scenery of KL. Memang puas ati la. But when we reach there, the bar was full house so we change our plan. First thing of all, we were damn starving. Ape lagi if bkn kt Kg. Baru. Our favourite place where we can get rid of mamak stall ( muke, bau , sume la da mcm mamak da ). We have western type of dinner there. Okayh la,not bad!! Then rijal + kipp friends pun join the club kejab la coz they thought of going to a private party at Hartamas but we have syaza + faten who we think its not proper to bring them there. So we hangout at Lecka Lecka Bukit Bintang.
Aziee + Rijal = couple ( just couple )
Banie + Syaza = couple
Mya + Kipp = A week friend ( thanks to Aziee )
Ashriq + Faten = A day friend ( thanks to semua la )

Then after that, mya + aziee + kipp + rijal + ashriq went to ' M Circle Bar' at starhill. Thanks to my beloved mama who brought me there before..
keep rocking the world mama !!
I love the place but not that night beat. But still okayh. Banie + syaza + faten xtau la gy mane that time cz they were not joining us.

After the hangout night, we have our sahur at Hassan (mamak again) at Cyberjaya. During that, something came out that makes my mood gone unstable. Aziee sent syaza + faten + banie to hostel and take me out to story-story about what happened. I xaspect ashriq + rijal + kipp is there too.

thanks to Kipp for listening, to Aziee too!!!mmmuuuuah..

During my moody time, rupe2nye i miss one important episode when rijal propose aziee. SWEEEETTTT!!!! Im happy for you Aziee i sorang2 la single. Never mind. I dont want to make mistakes like before.

Rijal have to wait till 6.30am for Aziee's answer and i + kipp + ashriq la jobless. Da mcm tugu negara. Xpela org tgh angau bercinta!!i understand u dear. At last, Aziee said

" YES "

yay!!!!!!!!now Aziee gf org,so da xleh nakal2 tau..huhu..da penat tnggu Aziee jwb so kteorg pun balik la hostel. Once i saw the bed, just dive on it and da xsedar diri da. hahaha kot..


*CONGRAT to Rijal + Aziee = Senang ingat anniversary korg (31st August 2009)*

Chapter 16

*29th August 2009*
mya + aziee + kipp + rijal + ashriq

#masuk2 je kereta Kipp, aziee + rijal + kipp + mya =pleats shirts#

Today we make a move to One Utama. Kipp is the driver and that was the first day for me to meet Ashriq. Ashriq is aziee + kipp + rijal 's friends from Manjong too. He's UITM Kuala Pilah student.

The night before that, I and kipp was on ym and we have decided not to puasa and rijal + ashriq pun join the club except for aziee because she's going back home for bukak puase with her family. After OU trip we went to Setia Alam ( aziee's home ) gle jauh n entah mane2 kteorg gy. Right after that, kteorg ternampak MCD *my favourire* and we have mc value bukak puase although we were not fasting. hahaha.

After that, we went to AC for pool. entah pape la yg i main..buat malu je!!! while waiting for aziee with her brother. At that time, I went to 7E and ader org 2 beli kn i plaster (cz my finger kne ketip ngn ketam and luka). hehehe =) no comment!!!

thanks for the plaster!!

Then we move to darussalam - the next row from AC. Sampai2 je Liverpool vs Bolton. Kipp = liverpool fan. Luckilly they won or takut la kalah teruk lg kn but kipp forgot bout our kira hangus la.hehehe Then ader ManU match tp kipp sje je nbg i tgk..da confirm2 la menang,xyah tanye pun da tau..

When Aziee was there, we move to cyberjaya since these 3 guys have to sent me n aziee back to MMU. We have our sahur at Mak Teh. Dekat situ la Aziee buat keje gle by having 'I LOVE YOU' on her plate to rijal..sweet gle!!! Then ape lg,balik to MMU and sleeeeeeeeeeeppppp jela...

chapter 15

*27th August 2009*
mya + aziee + kipp +rijal
That day right we went to Pavillion. So we decided to take these 2 Manjong guy to rooftop for shisha. It's really peacefull that day, maybe on weekdays. At midnight we watched Orphan. The most creepy and scary movie. The trill works better than most of the ghost stories. AWESOME!!! Out of 10 stars, i give 9 stars. I can bet you that you wont regret right after the show.
( to zul, imal, izzul : this is real..xtipu punyer )
Right after movie : biasala mesti punye lapar..semangat nk puase we decided to go Putrajaya Darusslam at Precint 9.
That day is my 1st really day hangging out with rijal and kipp. They are great, they are not like guys who are from perak..mmmuuuuah!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Chapter 14

* 27th August 2009 *
mya + ziera + .......... +............

sorry I cant remember the other two girls name. They are zie's friends from UIA. If not Im gonna be one of them.hahaha (long story - xleh citer la)

Since zie and I went to university life, we were too busy until we dont see each other like before. Time sekolah dulu, everyday jumpe zie until schoolmate ckp we were lesbian..*berkepit je, kalah bf kteorg*

Yesterday, I met her honestly i miss her sooo much. I miss our school time together especially kt Kasturi,gle havoc!! schooling time during puase with ziera mmg best sgt lg2 ader mun si gle 2. At kasturi when we were together confirm there will be stupid but memorable thing has happened. Kteorg da la always together until ponteng puase pun together. Makan kuih raye dlm class during puase,mkn mcD (BIG fan of mcD) dlm class while dgn bangga shake shaker french fries n kne perli dgn Mr. How..hahaha (rindu Mr. How) byk gle ar!!!I'll treasure our remarkable moment forever. I miss bunyi duit syiling mun yg terlalu banyak bersepah dlm class and everyone look at us then tertonggek2 gy kutip coins under other students malu!!!!!

# I miss u guys soo much..ble lg la kte bleh buat keje gle bersame2 lg #
to zie : I LOVE YOU BABE!!!!!!!!! ( i love you more than cham does ) - xnak kalah tuuu
my BFF - Ziera

my ngek ngok mun

Chapter 13

This is my first blog during fasting month. Tersangat la penat bulan puase nie. For the first and second day of fasting I'm still good to fast but since the third day there were so much challenge on me. (zul ajak gy mkn mcD la, n mcm2 lg la). Thankful until today i still manage to fast without any 'ponteng' tau.
This year I'm gonna 'puase' more than last year.*kena kurangkan ponteng2 ni*

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chapter 12

31st August 2009 will be Malaysian Independence Day. So........

We are too proud to be malaysian. Thankful to be born as Malaysian and be lovely, gorgeous, and beautiful malaysian girl. ( terlebih-lebih ke?? ) biar la....

We prove our love and care towards country...

to Aziee : I think this picture make us look like princess of 'rempits' la....huhu

*this is the result when i got out from CALCULUS class*

Chapter 11

* 20th August 2009 *

mya + aziee + fatin + syaza + shaz + banie

FE01 and FE02 have class at 9.00am - 11.00 ( english ), 11.00am - 12.00pm ( calculus ). We went to MAK TEH, * Banie's fave place for lunch *. Then Human Development class at 2.00pm - 5.00pm which is the most boring class ever .
Human Development = sivic + biology + est
so you can imagine how miserble our life to stay 3hours in the class. We really thought of going the class this week but unfortunately, we overslept and missed the class. hahahha!!!

At 6.20pm we went to Alamanda Putrajaya for ' DANCE FLICK '. Hilarious movie but too stupid. We cant accept their stupidness, kinda annoying but we kept laughing with all the porno jokes. Starving and being fulled at Johny's Restaurant. But I xmakan pun coz i thought of having dinner with zul. He kept complaining that i 'sombong' konon nyer but when Im at MMU he's not there. Gle benggang!!!!!!!!!!But i still have my lovely friends yang teman kn i gy mkn kt Cyberia. Thanks babe!!!!!LOve you guys soooooo damn fucking much...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chapter 10

*19th August 2009*

mya + shaz + syaza + faten + banie

Every tuesday is the most relaxing day in a week because I only have physic lab class. This class is supposely from 9.00am to 12.00pm every tuesday but once we have completed our experiment, we were allowed to go back earlier. So by 11.00am, we went to FOM building for breakfast and early lunch (jimat la kononnye). Normally we went to FCM mamak restaurant but the gediks 'banie' refused to eat there. Today we were shortage of group members because aziee and lisa can't join us for 'Adik Manja The Returns Movie' #coming soon# shooting. By 3.30pm we went to Siti Hasmah Library for revision.

my physic notes ( chapter 6 )

Right after that we went back for shower. At 8.30pm, we went to FCM building (UPG ICE BREAKING). Okay la, not bad!!! At least, we have something else to do other than googling.. But, food was not enough for us (the piranhas') so we went to cyberia for second shot of dinner.

UPG ice breaking time!!

dinner at cyberia..banie yang semangat sgt nk mkn kedai nie

We love each other so much. We will remain BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!except for syaza and banie (depa tu lain citer).

I love you.You love me.

We are happy family

With a big big hug and kiss for me to you..mmmmmmuuuuahhh!!!

I love you, you love me too

Monday, August 17, 2009

Chapter 9

*18th August 2009*
Faculty of Engineering ( Foundation students ) = tiring day
Today was the most tiring day since our 1st day in MMU Cyberjaya. While shaz + faten + mya + lisa = puase taw. Although we were fasting we were so excited and energetic for today's cramp schedule except me. My roommate were so patient with me everytime im fasting. I have no idea how i would be on fasting month since it's just a round the corner already. CREDIT TO MY ROOMMATE especially SHAZ for being patient with my behaviour on fasting day.. salute u!!
This is our class timetable for today :
9.00am-10.00am - English
10.00am- 1.00pm - Human Development
2.00pm- 4.00pm - Calculus for Engineering
8.00pm- 10.00pm - Physic
Gle pack..but thanks to all lecturers for understanding since today all of us are not that active than before. CREDIT to MYSELF because i manage to attend all classes while fasting.....GOOD GIRL MYA!!!!hahahahha...So that is my story for today. This chapter talked all about studies because we as a students still need to study then we can be called as a 'student'. University life is so enjoying but still has to remember about the boundaries...Soooo, wait for my next chapter of life....mmmmmmmmmmmuuuuahhhh!!!!
The End

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chapter 8

* 15th August 2009 *
mya + aziee + lisa + zul = MTV WORLD STAGE!
The four of us went to MTV WORLD STAGE. Its really hot. We really hit the dance floor especially when Hoobastank, All American Reject and Kasabian shows. It was AWESOME. Thanks to Xpax, Sunway Theme Park, Hong Leong Bank (papa), and Tourism Malaysia for making my weekend great with my lovely MMU friends. You guys really rock the stage in the middle of stone people at the back..huhu

I love u guys because you guys are the most freaking out BFF

When we reach there, we being inform by our friends that we have lots of more tickets to give out. So we decided to invite our friends who are staying nearby. On that time I've met a few of my old friends / ex whom are so showing of. WHATEVER!!! DO YOU THINK I CARE????

We really enjoy that night but its freaking hot in the middle of the crowd. So we move to the back which majorly were couple people were there. At the back every couple stand staticly which like they were watching a show at television. Damn boring while further back were people sitting like hearing a live show through radio. I'm blank for awhile asking to myself wondering WHY WERE THEY HERE TO BE LIKE THIS???dont they think its better to be home if they just want....daaa daaa whatever.

Right after that, we went to Pelita KLCC (our fave place) then to rooftop for shisha. Then sent zul home, and get to rooftop again and hangout with other friends. At 5.30am move back to MMU. On our way, kene stop by police and my licence entah ape la die buat coz xlekat sign 'P'..sedeh tau!!!! To pak police : pls jgn apa2 kn lesen saya..penat amek exam ngn JPJ yg memekak pasal anak dia 2. When i saw the bed, without second thought directly jump onto it and wake up at 2.30pm.

The End

Chapter 7

*13th August 2009*
At that night, FOSEE (engineering and information technology) students have Human Development exam at FOM building. The exam starts at 8pm but we enter the hall at 8.15pm because we were not informed regarding the venue so we just assumed it to be held at MPH. The exam ends at 9pm. Right after the exam we walked together to Cyberia for swimming. Best sgt2!!!
*Sorry no picture for this ( too burning hot in drenched clothes )*
After swimming, aziee + bella + zul + mya + noddy went for shisha at cyberia while shaza + shaz + faten + banie having dinner at cyberia too. Then we move back to college. At 12.30am, mya + zul + sham + aiman went to Domain for supper. Right after supper, they influenced me to go cybercafe for Dota and COD. okay la!! i just join them. i smpai tertdo kt cc 2..hhaha..ok la..then the next morning xgy class physic cz da ngantok.
The End

Chapter 6

*11th August 2009*

mya + kamil + shaz + faten + lisa + shaza + banie

On this day i had a fight with zul. He said such an holy word towards me. Im totally mad with him because he said 'f***ker ar'. Sakit ati kan. We thought of going for movie again but he kept changing his plan. Then i ask him again and again and i got that word. After that, he went for lunch with bella while shaz, faten and me was looking for them. GILE SAKIT ATI!!! To zul : Poyo!!!!!!!!!!!!! We thought of going back to MMU but on our way back to MMU we stopped at MINES for lunch. We had the worse lunch ever. Then i called kamil and ask wheather he's free at that time. He said he's at KLCC and going to BB. So we move to BB to hangout with him. We walk around Low Yat to find computer thingy and then shaz bought a cardigan at Giordano and we met shaza + banie. They went for dating and tumpang i to go back to MMU..lepas nie i have to charge them.. Perut pun da lapar so i went to JS MAJU cyberjaya. Yesterday BB, today pun same. WHATEVER!!!! Right after makan, we got back to MMU

The End

Chapter 5

*10th August 2009*
myra + kamil + apit + zul + noddy
At first it were supposely to be me , kamil and apit. We want to go for shisha coz on that day i dont have class. Then we thought of going to meet iz (kamil's cousin) at usj right after i take my things from D. But then we change our plan to go back to MMU and fetch zul and noddy to be with us. We parked our car at HSBC Bank BB,which the we have to use the car lift..AWESOME!! Then we walked around BB Plaza, Sg Wang, Pavillion. Then, we went for shisha at rooftop. Now i have new clique to shisha that is KAMIL....seriously had changed..da pandai shisha..uish uish!!! After that, we decided to watch G.I JOE but apit can't join us becouse he has to rush back home. So kamil, zul, noddy and me went for movie. The movie ends at 10.15pm and we were extreamly hungry so we went to Pelita KLCC for dinner. Perut da kenyang, mata pun ngantok la tp kene hantar kamil to Ampang LRT station because he parked his bike there. So just left zul, noddy, and me. On our way back to MMU, we went to Mines to meet 'am' and friends playing pool...Da penat sgt so balik la MMU. I just jump onto bed and sleep that night.


Friday, August 14, 2009

1st week after mid term

i miss MMU so much..honestly!!!staying at home doing nothing was killing me for the pass one week. Now i'm back with the old routine to classes and those asssignment. After a week break now Im back with aziee,shaz,fatin,shaza,zul,banie,lisa and acun.

Just wait for my next chapter of stories.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

no life on mid term break

1st August 2009 - 9th August 2009
now foundation students at MMU are on mid term break. Damn boring 2 stay at home for this whole week but i have a plan. I'll try to break the record by just staying at home for this whole week. Wait for the result. Hope my dream will come true. mmmmmmuuuahhh!!!