Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chapter 132

I'm still missing my one and only Muhammad Afiq Hairollah

People said that ton of fish in the seas and I'm blinded with the one and only. Nothing best explain for it as feeling is too strong on him. I'm in love with the guy that I met in Selayang and for the guy who he is. Now, he's in MIAT and I'm losing the guy I met in Selayang before while it is still him I see. Is the surrounding changes people? Or the feeling is not that strong as before? Or the passion is not there anymore? I'm confuse, I tried not to make assumption but everytime I just have all the question marks. I'm just seeing him in front of me but I'm not seeing him as the guy who's in love with me like before. Is this just my illusion or I'm just thinking too much about it. Just one thing that I know, I love him no matter what and I keep loving him day by day.
If before I only missed all the enjoyment we did together but now, I missed everything about him.

* I missed when he smile everytime seeing me
* I missed when he keep calling me just to make sure i'm fine by hearing my voices
* I missed when he said that no one he ever wanted than me
* I missed when he said he missed me although we just met a second ago
* I missed when he can't let me go when we were out after days or hours or seconds
* I missed when he talk softly towards me
* I missed when he cares about me especially when I'm in troble
* I missed when he always makes me as his priority
* I missed the moment we spend with laughter
* I missed everynight that we have a long talk on phone
* I missed when I can tell him everything and be the best listener to me
* I missed when he always support me in anything I did
* I missed when he wants me to be 24/7 with him
* I missed when he can reject his friends just for me

I just miss everything about him because he's always in me