Friday, November 26, 2010

Chapter 137

I love him like crazy!!

I've never been in a long relationship since the last 3years. I admit that this kind of relationship makes me happier and safer. But, I'm wondering why when I feel safer I cry lots more than before. Even when I'm happy, I'll cry not only when I'm sad. My tears are like waterfalls, unstoppable! Even how hard I try, I still can't stop it from falling. I don't know why I'm too sensitive lately. Is it because of all those problems I had? or because of my health condition thats getting worse. Although I know when I cry I'm giving more work onto my brain which make me weaker but I still can't do a thing with it. I used to be a tough girl or best said heartless girl but not now. My tears are too cheap but it means everything. When I cry, I do really cry. I'm not a drama queen who tries to take everyone attention by crying. It just happened and I cant explain a thing. Just when I cry I need him to be by my side. Only him can cool me down. But I'm expecting too much from him until being problematic. When I'm sick I just want him to be by my side. But I still want him to know that I'm fine. I just want him to know that how happy I'm when I'm with him. His love just give me the strength for every second of my life.

I love you!