Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chapter 135

My another handphone broke after 16hours being used. hahahahaha. Good laugh, I broke it myself after frustrated with myself and blaming myself for everything happen. So I just throw everything down and went out from the room at 2am. I went out alone without direction. Just walk around cyberjaya, having the night refreshing air. Then I was followed by black satria with 2 black guys. Thank god nothing bad happen, now I'm online here without direction too. I just need air to think wisely and be alone. I know going out from campus all alone walking on the street are dangerous and risky at this hour but I just need air to think rather than crying on bed blaming myself about everything and get upset. I love him thats all i know and i will defend. Sometimes when we love, we do stupid things because love is stupid and love makes us act stupid.
Good Job!!!
Now I'm wondering how to call my Afiq and mama but ehmmmmmmm. Afiq don't want to talk with me and my mom don't really talk with me unless I look for her first. We used to be bff, but now not anymore because she's disappointed when I decided to change my course. But she'll always be right behind me. Thanks mama!!! I won't let you down anymore because I love you with all my heart. I love my Afiq with all my heart too. So no point of me buying the new simcard if I still can't use my handphone.