Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chapter 122

Bila nak raya ape lagi yang boleh I tulis kt blog selain keje memperabihkan duit. Tu jela keje yang I'm really good at, and I bet every girls good at it too. Today as early as 6am right after sahur, me and my family preparing to bake bahulu. Ni memang keja gila! Actually it was planned by my dad, dia teringin sangat nak buat bahulu. So we all menyemak skali la.!! BTW, berbakat sunguh papa in baking. Lepas nie all of Hong Leong Bank workers can order bahulu kt papa while Uncle Shamsul yang secretary papa akan ambil semua order.hikhikhik... Just Joking!! Tapi papa memang pandai memasak.

Right after that, we went to KLCC. I bought a new Nine West clutch and a Jane Holli handbag. This two handbag je cost more than 1K. Gila ke ape. Tapi cantik la, so can be consider with that amount. I thought bru nk beli coach wristlet baru..Ehhhmmm, next time myra!! Then I bought eyeliner ar Shesheido and their new released lipstick. Best la, cz it really stay on lips for sometimes. Then I thought of buying shoes, but unfortunately their shoes looks really mak cik mak cik. Only suits for my mom's age. Can you imagine, Guess, Nine West, Aldo everything entah ape2 je. Then we went to Jimmu Choo, mama nak belanja this one suede black with glitters oxford style heel but can you imagine it cost 1K++. So I yang tetiba bermurah ati, cakap kat mama xpela. I dont feel like wearing this expensive shoes because now I da jarang pakai heels. Nampak tinggi sangat with heels since my natural height is already 158cm.

Then we drop by at Karyaneka because I nak cari cucuk sanggul. Finally I found one, cantik gila!! Xdela nampak cm nk kahwin tp really look typical malay kampung girl. Just cost me Rm 40. Thne I thought nk beli three tier necklace, but design da nak habis. So, aunty lin cakap nanti datang la boutique dia kat KJ and coming soon in Curve because what I want ada kt boutique je. So nanti I akan bawa my Afiq there because I nak belikan butang baju melayu. I want him to look gorgeous in baju melayu. baru la budka melayu sikit!!! No matter what I'm proud to say that I'm 100% malay and no matter how sucks my malay is or how terrible my attitude as a malay girl, I love our culture heritage and tradition.

So i jela yang I telah berbelanja untuk hari ini, thanks papa and mama for everything. Both of you really rock my life out. I sentiasa bersyukur kerana dapat apa yang I nak selagi my parents mampu untuk belikan. I can never thanks them for how understanding they are on my needs. I tau kadang2 xsemua org at the age of 19 dapat pakai those brand new handbags cost you rm1K and etc. I'm glad atas rezeki yang Allah berikan, hopefully tahun ini my family akan merayakan Aidilfitri dengan lebih bermakna dan lebih jimat. Selepas balik dari Event Secangkir Kasih last saturday it really widen my eyes how lucky I'm to have this life. Although it is now luxuries but I still can breath, eat, wear, use, have and able to get things that I wanted even a family. My family is everything, when I saw their faces with no siblings, parents, and life depending on a single fan sharing with numbers of kids makes me realise that how could it be if I'm in their shoes. Could I survive with this kind of life I'm having right now???

Amin kerana I antara yang dapat makan dan hidup dengan selesa berbanding mereka yang lain. Alhamdullilah