Friday, August 27, 2010

I am totally ready and can't wait for this year Hari Raya. I da ada 3 kebaya pendek which 2 kebaya nyonya and 1 is kebaya lace. 1 kebaya panjang, 2 baju kurung and 1 jubah from hajaba. Ehm, xsedar I already have 7 baju to wear just on raya. While my college only have 3days raya holiday, On the 4th day of raya I have to come back to college. So entah bila la nk pakai tu semua. Everything comes bila ambil kt tailor yesterday, tgk2 da ada 5 baju and tonight keluar dengan papa, papa bought for me another two kebaya. Tu pun papa nak belikan kurung lagi kt Great Eastern boutique kt concourse. Looks nice and expensive tp npk over pulak cz I'm not going to any special occasion pun. So mls nk beli. Then, now I just haven't buy my handbag, clutch, and shoes for raya. Earring, and rantai raya da beli but suddenly I teringin nak jadi a very traditional girl on this raya with cucuk sanggul, dokoh and everything. I want everything to look old, It's not that I want to look old but I want it to look antique. Nowadays teenagers doesn't appreciate antiques while antiques cost you double and sometimes triple than the new one. So I found out what I'm looking for this weekends.

So these are the things that I need to have before raya. I really need it, if not my raya is ruin. Please papa, give me more budget for raya. I need another shot of shopping... Then I'm totallt down with everything...Arrrgggghhh, I lupe. Tomorrow, mama ajak gy Isetan shopping handbags, perfume and bju Ralph Lauren tp esk I ada berbuka dengan anak-anak yatim..... AArrrggghhh, sedih!!!
Sunday I kne study for exam.