Friday, October 8, 2010

Chapter 131

I'm sorry for not being a good girlfriend for you but I really try to be one. I miss my one and only Muhammad Afiq Hairollah so much.
I miss his care n love. I miss when he put me his priority on his list.
I miss him giving me win in arguements just because he wants me to smile.
I miss his tender whenever he talks to me.
I miss when he try to be a matured guy although he's still young just to fit me.
I miss when he's willing to do anything just for me.
I miss when he says that I'm the best he ever got.
I miss his jokes just to cheer my day.
I miss his motivation on me to look forward.
I miss when he said that I look preety.
I miss when he always take me to places I wanted to be.
I miss with all of his compliments towards me.
I miss when he's not willing to hung up the phone just stay close with me.
I just miss everything about him so much.
What should I do know??
Am I just supposed to let things be this way or turn it back to the beautiful time.
Am I supposed to stop thinking to much and go on while saying nothing gonna rock our boat
Am I supposed to think that he loves me so much and he won't hurts me.