Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chapter 127

After a very tiring week last week and weekends, this week I had a new project.
Still my cooking lesson!!
Last week I've been challenge by my mom tp prepare all the food for our Open House 2010 from drinks, food to dessert. It's quite a tough things to do because my mom doesn't want me to cook any western food but basicly Hari Raya diahes like rendang, kuah kacang and many more. The only exception are for lemang, satay and kuah lodeh because I don't hve time to cook kuah lodeh. It's so enjoying because I can improve my cooking skills to Malay food. And I manage to do it with 5 stars!! hikhik
This week project is to bake pizza and today I've done it.
Good job Myra!!!
Tomorrow starts a new job that is baking cream puff, the duration to do it by tomorrow or the day after.
Wish me luck!!
Then I'll update what happen to my cream puff.... :)
* Then another one is to learn another recipe or technique on how to make carbonara. My friend who taught me to cook carbonara before came with a new recipe and to be told that it is much more better than last time.