Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chapter 119

Obsessive and Clingy Spouse!

Getting into any relationship is hard enough. Relationship is not all about the good things but sometimes it turn upside down too. So having a phychotic partner is the beginning to arise, it can be nerve wrecking.

Constant calling When she/he feels the need to call you so many times that you begin to worry, it can be a sign of your partner being overly possessive. There is a big difference between calling to talk and calling to know where you are at all times. It will just turn worse when it involves your friends too. Relationship is about trust, trust your partner but still need your brain to think whether your partner is worth it to have your trust then.

Your partner choose or decide who your friends are Whether your friends are male or female, if she/he tries to cut you off from friendships, there are definite problems. Way big big big problem in your relationship. You should remember, everyone have the right to speak up for their own. This action just shows like you have no right to tell your partner who she/he can and cannot be friends with, never deal about this.

Cyber stalking Facebook and Myspace and Twitter and Blogs and Formspring and many other social networking. Most of the relationship at least will have a fight about this. This is already like a syndrome in every relationship. Remember not to give your personal password and everything will just make everything screwed up. It can lead to more unhealthy behavior.

Having the exact same interests all the time isn't always the best When your girlfriend seems to suddenly have an uncanny like for everything you mention, it's hard not to wonder if she’s telling you the truth. It is not good to have a chameleon girlfriend; it can lead to bigger lies. It is not that having same interest is not good, it is a bonus. Just a bonus, not something that you need. Sometimes your partner might have his/her regular cliques to hangout doing his/her interest together

Alligator arms If your girlfriend is unwilling to reach into her purse to pay half of a date, it can show that she’s selfish and will expect you to pick up the tab for everything. That’s psycho behavior at the height of its gluttony. It might not be a big problem when you have the *kaching kaching but when you're in a tight pocket, this is where both need to learn and understand about sharing the bills together. Sharing is caring to build more love.

Moving into your place This shows that she/he's trying to encroach on every aspect of your life, and that it absolutely unhealthy. Being 24/7 is just not good for couples. This is where the flame of volcano will explode without any signals when you already tired of being tied all the time. Everyone needs time for family, friends, studies and everything. Being in a relationship is not all about you and your partner only. If you’re not at that step up, but you’re slowly trying finding more and more of her/his stuff in your house, you need to cut ties.

Being treated like a child When he/she didn't respect you then it is not only time to discuss but it is the perfect time to walk away. You should be treated like adults because now is not the time for you to be taught but to be learn.