Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chapter 120

I love you

Is that mean anything to you??

No, because you don't trust me. I'm sorry because I'm not the perfect angel for you just from heaven. I'm just a normal being that needs to be love, and to be care. I'm sorry for hurting you so much, since the time you enter my whole life my friends are no one for me. You are everything but I want you to know that later I still need my time with my friends because on the time we had a fight they are the one who will lent their ears and shoulder for me to cry on. Especially at the moment where everything in your eyes is nothing when it comes to me. I'm so sorry!! You said that you love me, so do I but we are broken apart from the moment we need time to cool down. Nothing works. I didn't know whether you realise or not that I'm losing you and you're losing me too. Just the reason why we are still need each other is love. We have nothing else in common already right now.

You want me not to be friend with everyone so OK fine. I'll change my mobile number and I'll make sure that my family member are the only person who get through this new coming number for any emergencies. No one will get my number including you because if you need me, you still can contact my house number. I want to live like a girl with no mobile. If this will make you happier, I'm glad to see you happy.

From now on, anything just buzz me on ym, facebook, or any relevant ways. I'm tired of arguing with you till my last breath. I'm tired of those shouting, yelling, and accusation. I hope this ways will just work for us.