Monday, August 17, 2009

Chapter 9

*18th August 2009*
Faculty of Engineering ( Foundation students ) = tiring day
Today was the most tiring day since our 1st day in MMU Cyberjaya. While shaz + faten + mya + lisa = puase taw. Although we were fasting we were so excited and energetic for today's cramp schedule except me. My roommate were so patient with me everytime im fasting. I have no idea how i would be on fasting month since it's just a round the corner already. CREDIT TO MY ROOMMATE especially SHAZ for being patient with my behaviour on fasting day.. salute u!!
This is our class timetable for today :
9.00am-10.00am - English
10.00am- 1.00pm - Human Development
2.00pm- 4.00pm - Calculus for Engineering
8.00pm- 10.00pm - Physic
Gle pack..but thanks to all lecturers for understanding since today all of us are not that active than before. CREDIT to MYSELF because i manage to attend all classes while fasting.....GOOD GIRL MYA!!!!hahahahha...So that is my story for today. This chapter talked all about studies because we as a students still need to study then we can be called as a 'student'. University life is so enjoying but still has to remember about the boundaries...Soooo, wait for my next chapter of life....mmmmmmmmmmmuuuuahhhh!!!!
The End