Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chapter 8

* 15th August 2009 *
mya + aziee + lisa + zul = MTV WORLD STAGE!
The four of us went to MTV WORLD STAGE. Its really hot. We really hit the dance floor especially when Hoobastank, All American Reject and Kasabian shows. It was AWESOME. Thanks to Xpax, Sunway Theme Park, Hong Leong Bank (papa), and Tourism Malaysia for making my weekend great with my lovely MMU friends. You guys really rock the stage in the middle of stone people at the back..huhu

I love u guys because you guys are the most freaking out BFF

When we reach there, we being inform by our friends that we have lots of more tickets to give out. So we decided to invite our friends who are staying nearby. On that time I've met a few of my old friends / ex whom are so showing of. WHATEVER!!! DO YOU THINK I CARE????

We really enjoy that night but its freaking hot in the middle of the crowd. So we move to the back which majorly were couple people were there. At the back every couple stand staticly which like they were watching a show at television. Damn boring while further back were people sitting like hearing a live show through radio. I'm blank for awhile asking to myself wondering WHY WERE THEY HERE TO BE LIKE THIS???dont they think its better to be home if they just want....daaa daaa whatever.

Right after that, we went to Pelita KLCC (our fave place) then to rooftop for shisha. Then sent zul home, and get to rooftop again and hangout with other friends. At 5.30am move back to MMU. On our way, kene stop by police and my licence entah ape la die buat coz xlekat sign 'P'..sedeh tau!!!! To pak police : pls jgn apa2 kn lesen saya..penat amek exam ngn JPJ yg memekak pasal anak dia 2. When i saw the bed, without second thought directly jump onto it and wake up at 2.30pm.

The End