Monday, August 31, 2009

Chapter 17

*31st August 2009*
mya + aziee + kipp + syaza + banie + faten + ashriq + rijal =

We plan to go to Sky Bar, Traders Hotel KL. They have absolutely gorgeous and satisfying scenery of KL. Memang puas ati la. But when we reach there, the bar was full house so we change our plan. First thing of all, we were damn starving. Ape lagi if bkn kt Kg. Baru. Our favourite place where we can get rid of mamak stall ( muke, bau , sume la da mcm mamak da ). We have western type of dinner there. Okayh la,not bad!! Then rijal + kipp friends pun join the club kejab la coz they thought of going to a private party at Hartamas but we have syaza + faten who we think its not proper to bring them there. So we hangout at Lecka Lecka Bukit Bintang.
Aziee + Rijal = couple ( just couple )
Banie + Syaza = couple
Mya + Kipp = A week friend ( thanks to Aziee )
Ashriq + Faten = A day friend ( thanks to semua la )

Then after that, mya + aziee + kipp + rijal + ashriq went to ' M Circle Bar' at starhill. Thanks to my beloved mama who brought me there before..
keep rocking the world mama !!
I love the place but not that night beat. But still okayh. Banie + syaza + faten xtau la gy mane that time cz they were not joining us.

After the hangout night, we have our sahur at Hassan (mamak again) at Cyberjaya. During that, something came out that makes my mood gone unstable. Aziee sent syaza + faten + banie to hostel and take me out to story-story about what happened. I xaspect ashriq + rijal + kipp is there too.

thanks to Kipp for listening, to Aziee too!!!mmmuuuuah..

During my moody time, rupe2nye i miss one important episode when rijal propose aziee. SWEEEETTTT!!!! Im happy for you Aziee i sorang2 la single. Never mind. I dont want to make mistakes like before.

Rijal have to wait till 6.30am for Aziee's answer and i + kipp + ashriq la jobless. Da mcm tugu negara. Xpela org tgh angau bercinta!!i understand u dear. At last, Aziee said

" YES "

yay!!!!!!!!now Aziee gf org,so da xleh nakal2 tau..huhu..da penat tnggu Aziee jwb so kteorg pun balik la hostel. Once i saw the bed, just dive on it and da xsedar diri da. hahaha kot..


*CONGRAT to Rijal + Aziee = Senang ingat anniversary korg (31st August 2009)*