Friday, August 28, 2009

Chapter 14

* 27th August 2009 *
mya + ziera + .......... +............

sorry I cant remember the other two girls name. They are zie's friends from UIA. If not Im gonna be one of them.hahaha (long story - xleh citer la)

Since zie and I went to university life, we were too busy until we dont see each other like before. Time sekolah dulu, everyday jumpe zie until schoolmate ckp we were lesbian..*berkepit je, kalah bf kteorg*

Yesterday, I met her honestly i miss her sooo much. I miss our school time together especially kt Kasturi,gle havoc!! schooling time during puase with ziera mmg best sgt lg2 ader mun si gle 2. At kasturi when we were together confirm there will be stupid but memorable thing has happened. Kteorg da la always together until ponteng puase pun together. Makan kuih raye dlm class during puase,mkn mcD (BIG fan of mcD) dlm class while dgn bangga shake shaker french fries n kne perli dgn Mr. How..hahaha (rindu Mr. How) byk gle ar!!!I'll treasure our remarkable moment forever. I miss bunyi duit syiling mun yg terlalu banyak bersepah dlm class and everyone look at us then tertonggek2 gy kutip coins under other students malu!!!!!

# I miss u guys soo much..ble lg la kte bleh buat keje gle bersame2 lg #
to zie : I LOVE YOU BABE!!!!!!!!! ( i love you more than cham does ) - xnak kalah tuuu
my BFF - Ziera

my ngek ngok mun