Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chapter 6

*11th August 2009*

mya + kamil + shaz + faten + lisa + shaza + banie

On this day i had a fight with zul. He said such an holy word towards me. Im totally mad with him because he said 'f***ker ar'. Sakit ati kan. We thought of going for movie again but he kept changing his plan. Then i ask him again and again and i got that word. After that, he went for lunch with bella while shaz, faten and me was looking for them. GILE SAKIT ATI!!! To zul : Poyo!!!!!!!!!!!!! We thought of going back to MMU but on our way back to MMU we stopped at MINES for lunch. We had the worse lunch ever. Then i called kamil and ask wheather he's free at that time. He said he's at KLCC and going to BB. So we move to BB to hangout with him. We walk around Low Yat to find computer thingy and then shaz bought a cardigan at Giordano and we met shaza + banie. They went for dating and tumpang i to go back to MMU..lepas nie i have to charge them.. Perut pun da lapar so i went to JS MAJU cyberjaya. Yesterday BB, today pun same. WHATEVER!!!! Right after makan, we got back to MMU

The End