Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chapter 10

*19th August 2009*

mya + shaz + syaza + faten + banie

Every tuesday is the most relaxing day in a week because I only have physic lab class. This class is supposely from 9.00am to 12.00pm every tuesday but once we have completed our experiment, we were allowed to go back earlier. So by 11.00am, we went to FOM building for breakfast and early lunch (jimat la kononnye). Normally we went to FCM mamak restaurant but the gediks 'banie' refused to eat there. Today we were shortage of group members because aziee and lisa can't join us for 'Adik Manja The Returns Movie' #coming soon# shooting. By 3.30pm we went to Siti Hasmah Library for revision.

my physic notes ( chapter 6 )

Right after that we went back for shower. At 8.30pm, we went to FCM building (UPG ICE BREAKING). Okay la, not bad!!! At least, we have something else to do other than googling.. But, food was not enough for us (the piranhas') so we went to cyberia for second shot of dinner.

UPG ice breaking time!!

dinner at cyberia..banie yang semangat sgt nk mkn kedai nie

We love each other so much. We will remain BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!except for syaza and banie (depa tu lain citer).

I love you.You love me.

We are happy family

With a big big hug and kiss for me to you..mmmmmmuuuuahhh!!!

I love you, you love me too