Monday, August 31, 2009

Chapter 16

*29th August 2009*
mya + aziee + kipp + rijal + ashriq

#masuk2 je kereta Kipp, aziee + rijal + kipp + mya =pleats shirts#

Today we make a move to One Utama. Kipp is the driver and that was the first day for me to meet Ashriq. Ashriq is aziee + kipp + rijal 's friends from Manjong too. He's UITM Kuala Pilah student.

The night before that, I and kipp was on ym and we have decided not to puasa and rijal + ashriq pun join the club except for aziee because she's going back home for bukak puase with her family. After OU trip we went to Setia Alam ( aziee's home ) gle jauh n entah mane2 kteorg gy. Right after that, kteorg ternampak MCD *my favourire* and we have mc value bukak puase although we were not fasting. hahaha.

After that, we went to AC for pool. entah pape la yg i main..buat malu je!!! while waiting for aziee with her brother. At that time, I went to 7E and ader org 2 beli kn i plaster (cz my finger kne ketip ngn ketam and luka). hehehe =) no comment!!!

thanks for the plaster!!

Then we move to darussalam - the next row from AC. Sampai2 je Liverpool vs Bolton. Kipp = liverpool fan. Luckilly they won or takut la kalah teruk lg kn but kipp forgot bout our kira hangus la.hehehe Then ader ManU match tp kipp sje je nbg i tgk..da confirm2 la menang,xyah tanye pun da tau..

When Aziee was there, we move to cyberjaya since these 3 guys have to sent me n aziee back to MMU. We have our sahur at Mak Teh. Dekat situ la Aziee buat keje gle by having 'I LOVE YOU' on her plate to rijal..sweet gle!!! Then ape lg,balik to MMU and sleeeeeeeeeeeppppp jela...