Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chapter 5

*10th August 2009*
myra + kamil + apit + zul + noddy
At first it were supposely to be me , kamil and apit. We want to go for shisha coz on that day i dont have class. Then we thought of going to meet iz (kamil's cousin) at usj right after i take my things from D. But then we change our plan to go back to MMU and fetch zul and noddy to be with us. We parked our car at HSBC Bank BB,which the we have to use the car lift..AWESOME!! Then we walked around BB Plaza, Sg Wang, Pavillion. Then, we went for shisha at rooftop. Now i have new clique to shisha that is KAMIL....seriously had changed..da pandai shisha..uish uish!!! After that, we decided to watch G.I JOE but apit can't join us becouse he has to rush back home. So kamil, zul, noddy and me went for movie. The movie ends at 10.15pm and we were extreamly hungry so we went to Pelita KLCC for dinner. Perut da kenyang, mata pun ngantok la tp kene hantar kamil to Ampang LRT station because he parked his bike there. So just left zul, noddy, and me. On our way back to MMU, we went to Mines to meet 'am' and friends playing pool...Da penat sgt so balik la MMU. I just jump onto bed and sleep that night.