Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chapter 7

*13th August 2009*
At that night, FOSEE (engineering and information technology) students have Human Development exam at FOM building. The exam starts at 8pm but we enter the hall at 8.15pm because we were not informed regarding the venue so we just assumed it to be held at MPH. The exam ends at 9pm. Right after the exam we walked together to Cyberia for swimming. Best sgt2!!!
*Sorry no picture for this ( too burning hot in drenched clothes )*
After swimming, aziee + bella + zul + mya + noddy went for shisha at cyberia while shaza + shaz + faten + banie having dinner at cyberia too. Then we move back to college. At 12.30am, mya + zul + sham + aiman went to Domain for supper. Right after supper, they influenced me to go cybercafe for Dota and COD. okay la!! i just join them. i smpai tertdo kt cc 2..hhaha..ok la..then the next morning xgy class physic cz da ngantok.
The End