Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chapter 153

Another drink that makes me keep looking for it everyday is BUBBLE TEA!

Although it is not that healthy, but it is not that bad. As if you choose to drink the fruit juices added with the black pearl it is still good right.. The closest outlet that serve Bubble tea is in Alamanda Putrajaya as I'm studying in MMU Cyberjaya it will only takes me around 10minutes for me to get this heavenly made drink. My favourite will be Mango ice blended with the pearl in Little Taiwan. The kiosk is totally in front of Carrefour opposite Aunties Anne's. Another brand that I always visit for this drink is CoolBlog. Thanks to my lovely sister for introducing me this drink. Sayang nana!!! She is the best food commentator, as she never let me down even once. CoolBlog I will always wants the Blue Coral, Honey Dew, Chocolate, Vanilla Banana, and Lime Soursop. I introduce this drink to Ziera and she was so excited until nk buka outlet selling this drink..hhahaha. *semangat

Love you babe, Hope you are having a great time doing you Umrah and will be blessed. Have a safe journey home dear. Miss you already!! :)