Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chapter 149

When I can't describe what I feel and I can't find the right word to say it, I prefer to write in by my own heart languange. That's how I call it. I describe everything and write everything straight from my heart.

Love me, my LOVE!

love me, love, come to me
leak of love, drown with it
thee one of me is yours
the other half is mine

such is mu love, to it i breath
love like sunshine after rain
gives me a better sunny day
i smile and you know, love
rain in me, love you cried

why i rain? afraid of thunders
shall strike and lose, lose
why i love? not about hereafter
makes earth blooms better, love

why chase for love?
asthought there is no tomorrow
time, time is delaying us
rushing not to get stranded

my heart will ever be your service
claims to be love
claims to be better
as my love never fades

-muhammad afiq muhammad hairollah -

i love you with all my heart, everytime you are around i feel like shooting stars