Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chapter 152

It has been ages I didn't write in here. I have so many things in my head what to write but I just don't have time for it. Today I want to share with everyone about this drink that really helpful for girls out there whose having problem as I did " PERUT BUNCIT ". Like seriously I put a lot of weight lately.

I have been drinking this everyday for the past 1 week. They have a challenge to drink it for 14 days and you will realize change to your tummy. For the first time, I'm admitting IT DOES REALLY WORK!!! hahahahahahah ( bangga sikit la )

Nampak la little bit smaller to my balloon. Now I won't get terapung anymore. :)
Everyone should try because after drinking this yogurt drink memang confirm kejar toilet. Routine ke toilet lebih lancar dan lawas. That's why you tummy will get slimmer kot. So I will continue drinking this delicious drink. I recommend Mixed Fruit flavour, memang sedaap sangat.