Friday, August 19, 2011

Chapter 154

During Ramadhan, everyone sibuk mengejar untuk berbuka puasa. Same goes to me!!!...hee. After a very hectic day, breaking fast is the moment that I'm looking forward to preparing with all kind of foods and drinks. But, we should not forget to bersahur as well. Sahur not only gives you strength for the whole day but.. makes Ramadhan even sweeter than other months. So, back to the topic. Bersungguh2 mencari tempat berbuka yg best and as expected we always faced full house, full house, full house, sorry miss! argh.. this year, mostly berbuka around cyberjaya only. Padi, Old Town, Mat Ayam Kampung, Fish Castle.. boring!!!

But, I still have great berbuka in few places...

aunty aini's place.. great place for garden dinner

ben's pavillion

mcdonald with assignments

last minute secret recipe

prince hotel dim sum

ben's pavillion

share with me other great places for berbuka!!! :)