Sunday, May 1, 2011

Missing DIM SUM

Today my mom took Adlyana for Dim Sum in Johor Bharu since she's sending Nana to her school back. They had Dim Sum at Pan Pac JB. I miss dim sum, craving for them since last week. But I just don't have time to have them. I woke up early today as I can't sleep very well. I miss someone that is totally important in my life. I love him so much as no other one I can see besides him. I LOVE YOU!!

Hope I can have my dim sum this week. HOPEFULLY!!! Amin....

So today, I bake tiramisu cheesecake which turn to be quite good. It is my new recipe but I guess the cheesy taste is too strong. Tomorrow planning to try another new recipe that I found. Basically tiramisu again!!

He loves tiramisu so when I bake it I can feel close to him. As I still remember and knows about him although I'm not. Baking is the only thing that makes me busy. When I bake, he's the one who will taste and be my judge. He will give his comment and I will try to improve better. But for now, everything seems good for his tongue. Tomorrow I'll practice to do another tiramisu recipe so that when we are good together again, he'll get his first tiramisu from me. I bet that he'll get he best tiramisu in his life. :)

love you muhammad afiq hairollah!